BBQ Sauce Give-Away: Bone Suckin Sauce Best Box

Bone Suckin BBQ Sauce

Bone Suckin Sauce is not only a five star sauce, but a sauce that stands alone.  Like when Nintendo came out with the Wii, and Sony and Microsoft were left with their jaws open…  when most sauces turn left, Pat Ford (the Bone Suckin Chief) take a turn for the right.  Many of the other BBQ sauce brands don’t taste like this, and they could learn a thing or two from Pat about how to make a great, yet natural, healthy, unique flavored sauce.  Truly one of a kind.  If you don’t have this in stores near you, now is your chance to get a great “BSS Best Box” package mailed out to you – free of charge.

From the tantalizingly sweet and hot surprise flavor of the Fire Dancer Jalapeno Nuts (so good) to the thick, rich, natural Bone Suckin Yaki sauce and the sweet tangy bite of the Bone Suckin Mustard – this whole package is simply amazing food.  If Bone Suckin Sauce was the lead singer, he’s accompanied here by a saucy bass player, a sweet guitarist, a nutty keyboardist, a drummer that likes fire.  Also some salsa dancers.

One lucky winner will receive enough stuff condiments and snacks for a complete cookout (you provide the people, grillable objects, grill, and of course the drinks).

The Bone Suckin Best Box is valued at $39.99 and includes:

Award Winning Bone Suckin’ Sauce, Margarita Wine Nuts (Voted Best Snack Food USA), Bone Suckin’ Mustard, Bone Suckin’ Habanero Hot Sauce, Bone Suckin’ Salsa, Bone Suckin’ Yaki, Fire Dancer Jalapeno Nuts (Snack Nut of the Year)

Simple Contest Guidelines

  • Comment about ANYTHING – maybe tell me your favorite grill if you want.
  • Enter a comment below by Friday May 8th.
  • Winners will be announced on Monday May 11th.

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  1. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain and am addicted to the slow cooked flavor!!!!

  2. Big Nick says:

    Char-Broil, gas

  3. Weber

  4. Wesley Mason says:

    Strathwood 4-Burner Gas Grill with Painted Cabinet and Side Burner

    Got it for a steal at 300.00 + free shipping. For a 4 burner + side, I don’t think I could have done better. Once I finish my backyard with deck, I’ll convert my patio into a covered area for cooking and get a smoker.

  5. The BBQ Grail says:

    I’d love to win…

    My primary grill is a 26 inch Weber One-Touch Kettle. That along with my two Weber Smoky Mountains, Traeger 075 and UDS gives me all I need.

  6. No grill. Sad I know, but Id like to win this anyway. Thanks!

  7. William says:

    Weber Smokey Mountain all the way!

  8. I REALLY don’t know why barbecue sauce has to be put ON something. I usually get a bottle I’ve not tried before, crack it open and down the hatch! I’d be happy with a BBQ sauce Martini :shaken but not stirred: with a piece of slab bacon, rind on, curled up on the plastic umbrella!


  9. I love my weber-gas. And these sauces look amazing!! Wow what an amazing giveaway, thanks.

  10. Stewart McCane says:

    I don’t mean to break anybodies heart but you don’t BBQ with gas ,you have to use wood to do it right. I use a Lang Deluxe 84 with warmer. If you are going to BBQ then go ahead and BBQ

  11. Pigmaker says:

    I have used the original bone suckin sauce for at least 10 years, it was one of the first original sauces to show up the supermarket, while thousands of sauces have come into the marketplace during the last 10 years, this stuff is still in my top 5. the yaki suace is awesome on smoked wings ! Great Website, found it in twitter

  12. Weber, gas.

  13. Tom K. says:

    After almost 20 years of grilling with my Weber Genesis (having rebuilt it a few times…), it finally died, and I broke down & bought a replacement!
    The thing is a real honker, but I already love my new Summit 650, and I look forward to another long lived BBQ, I hope.

    For years, my favorite sauce was a usually hard to find variety made by Lea & Perrine. There were two, both dark, but one had some ‘spark’ to it, and it was always a crowd pleaser! Too bad they took them off the market! I’m still looking for a replacement…

  14. Bone Suckin Sauce is my favorite sauce for spare ribs that have been cooked on my WSM. The smoke and the sauce compliment each other well.

  15. comment!

  16. I’m new to this site but my family will soon reap the benefits of the reviews here if i can get the hubby off the couch and in front of the grill. I’ve already started looking for a few of the sauces in stores. Thanks

  17. harold sauter says:

    Those bone sukin nuts sound good. I would try them and the sauce too!

    Call me Wu

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