BBQ Sauce Giveaway: Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce


Hello BBQ Sauce Loving Friends,

Just about everyone loves free stuff and I’m excited to be providing my first BBQ Sauce Giveaway.  I have to give most of the credit to my wife for giving me the idea for this. Thanks Liz!

One of my favorite sauces of all-time is called Russ and Frank’s Sassy and my review can be found here.  I’m a big fan of the sauce which is a thick, sweet, natural blend with a touch of heat.

Two winners (yes two winners!) will receive a free pint of sauce from Russ and Franks.  Russ and Franks offers a fine KC style BBQ sauce in three variants – Mild, Fiery, and Sassy (a touch of heat). If you win, I’ll put you in touch with Russ himself, who will have your choice mailed out (free) to your home or business.  I recommend Sassy, but if you like to go hot you might consider Fiery.  Not into BBQ sauce with heat – go with Mild.

To enter, leave a comment on the post  – maybe tell me your favorite BBQ sauce – by this Friday.
I will post the two winners on the site next Monday May 4th.

Giveaway Guidelines:
-You have until midnight EST on Friday, May 1st to enter this giveaway.
-Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter — any comment.
-Anonymous or spammy comments will be ignored/removed.
-One entry per person, please.
-Winner will be randomly picked and announced Monday morning May 4th.

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  1. I’m digging Melvin’s mustard-based sauces right now. They have a couple, but their classic is quite thick & rich with a little kick. The other one isn’t quite as good IMO. Just make sure it’s the darker one.

    If somebody knows about carolina mustard style, they might know sticky fingers, but they’re like the applebees (or the “boxed wine”) of carolina bbq. The founder of Melvin’s is the best of the lot from the Bessinger family who are kind of the “first family” of taking mustard que to the masses.

    I also found a killer spicy vinegar base bbq but that’s just a DIY concoction. Worchestershire and dry mustard are what sets it apart from most I’ve seen on the web.

  2. When I run out of my homemade sauce, I really love Dinosaur’s Original sauce, cooked down a little, with maybe a couple sliced jalapenos. It’s just right for pulled pork.

  3. I love Sweet Baby Rays sauce! Hope I win!!

  4. Still using Bullseye after all these years.

  5. I’m gonna be trying out Tasty Licks Smoked Hickory BBQ sauce from Fred’s BBQ and Music. I haven’t tried it yet, but I love their rubs.

  6. BBQ Grail says:

    I’d love to try some Russ and Franks. It’s fun trying sauces you can’t buy in the store in your area.

  7. I love Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic Barbeque Sauce! Yummy!

  8. Roxy’s S.C mustard sauce is *The* best mustard sauce (and you can’t even buy it!!)

  9. I usually do a combination of a couple of sauces. One sugar based and one vinegar based. Do you break things out into categories like that?

    PS – I was the red headed guy that sat next to you in Class yesterday.

  10. upsetter says:

    Good review. Now I want to try it.

  11. I mix 50/50 Ken Davis BBQ Sauce and Sweet Baby Rays. Sometimes I add a bit of Bulls Eye because, incredibly, it won the blind taste test on PBS Cooks show.

  12. thanks for all of your comments!

    @Don thanks for checking out the site and good to meet you yesterday. I guess I don’t break down by sugar vs vinegar based because so many sauces are a hybrid of the two. Many of them include ketchup which is also a combination… if there is a simple way to break that down, I’m not sure of it – what do you suggest?

  13. There are many good ones. My choices in order: 1. Texas Rib Rangers BBQ Sauce. 2. Ole Ray’s Red Delicious Apple/Bourbon BBQ Sauce. 3. Asian Zing from Buffalo Wild Wings 4. Blue’s Carolina Pepper Sauce 5. Open Pit BBQ Sauce

  14. I’m not a southerner, but I’ve spent time in the Kansas and Memphis areas, and have some idea of the different styles. However, I live a few blocks from a fantastic Dinosaur Bar-B-Que joint that is always – and I mean ALWAYS – packed to the point of overflowing. Well-deserved, too, I might add. As a result, my family and I are big fans of their sauce. However, I look forward to trying some of the sauces you recommend with which I’m not familiar.

  15. For me only Bull’s Eye will do. Been using it a long time and now that my grocer no longer sells it, I found and make a great clone of it.

  16. I’m liking the Florida sauces. Bluefront and just got some Tom’s in the mail to try so who knows.

  17. Mary Collins says:

    This is our favorite after many years of searching for the best. It is homemade and loved dearly. Enjoy!SOUTH CAROLINA BBQ RIBS & SAUCE TO DIE FOR!

    These are our very favorite, had to share………….

    4 lbs baby-back ribs

    1/2 Cup McCormick pork season rub

    1/2 Cup honey

    1/2 Cup prepared mustard

    1/2 Cup red wine vinegar

    2 Tbls. vegetable oil

    4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

    2 tsp. butter

    2 tsp. coarsely ground fresh pepper

    1 tsp. salt

    1 tsp. hot pepper sauce

    Cut ribs into serving size pieces. Pat pork rub on both sides of pork. Cook in CP on HIGH for 3 hours. Turn to LOW.

    Combine the remaining ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat, simmer, uncovered, for about 30 minutes or until slightly reduced. Cool

    Brush sauce over cooking ribs and continue on Low for 4-6 hours, or until rbs are tender. Serve any remaining sauce with ribs.

    Note: U might wanna make double the sauce batch….Yeah………it’s that GOOD on any meats, pulled meat sandwiches, meatballs,ribs,etc.

  18. HI! Nice of you to offer to share some sauce! I’ve enjoyed stink-eye bbq sauce and just recently found Daddy Natty and UncleBoBs Smoky Mountain sitting on the counter. The HOT version of UncleBobs mixes a SUPERB Bloody Mary! Off to mix another.. take care

  19. I love the sauce from Dreamland BBQ in Birmingham, AL. It’s a little sweet but more vinegary and I love that tartness.

  20. After reading your review of Russ and Franks Sassy i ordered it and i like it alot, probably would put it in my top 4 favorites along with Big Bobs Habenero, Three Little Pigs(family fav), and Bone Suckin Sauce. Keep up the great work.

  21. micah stark says:

    Sounds like a really good sauce. Can’t wait to try it. One my my favorite sauces is Mary Jean’s BBQ sauce from Massachusetts. Does anyone know if its still around?

  22. comment

  23. I have two sauces that I am enjoying right now. One is the Salt Lick from Austin that I got from this site. The other is Smiling Ed’s from LA.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful recommendations. There isn’t a lot of great sauce in the Great Barren Sauce Wasteland that is Idaho….

  24. Phoo-D says:

    I almost always make my own, but if I’m buying it I like anything with peaches and a nice kick!

  25. Micah – found Mary Jean’s BBQ Sauce online:

  26. Contest is closed. Thanks everyone – winners will be notified Monday on the site.

  27. sassys classy!!!

  28. Went to Kansas city last week and oh my ! the best bb ribs I ever eat at smokin’ gun, 1218 Swift , KC. Had your firey sauce, to hot but, I mixed it with mild and bada- bing right on. just in case I don’t win I ordered some firey today.
    yum eeee!

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