BBQ Sauce Reviews on the Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast!

I had such a great time last night on the Meager’s Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast talking BBQ sauce reviews!

The stars:

Clockwise from top left – Cyndi Allison, Larry Gaian, “Big Wayner” and me.

Check it out if you want to find out more about us and BBQ Sauces!

You’ll learn a few fun things like:

  • How Cyndi thinks liquid smoke is like breast implants and she doesn’t like figs either!
  • Why Larry wishes Alabama white sauce would just go away
  • What I do when I taste a sauce that really sucks
  • How Big Wayner is spoiled when it comes to local BBQ Sauce selections
  • Our tasting process
  • Our take on regional sauces…

And much more!

Check it out and please subscribe to their show, they are total professionals and their audience is growing like wild.

I had a blast doing it, and I hope you learn something about BBQ sauce by listening.


Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.



  1. That roundtable was loads of fun. Enjoyed getting to chat and getting to hear how you rate barbecue sauces. I’m going to have to try some of those you shared.

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