BBQ’N Fools Signature Barbecue Sauce (3/5)

BBQ’N Fools Signature Barbecue Sauce

When it comes to your BBQ, we’re not Fool’n around – so says the slogan underneath the roasted jester. And I’d agree, they aren’t foolin around with this standard KC style BBQ sauce, but I have to say there’s not a lot different or outrageuously flavorful going on here.


Good sniff. Standard tomato / vinegar / spice scent.


Excellent in all facets. Movement within the bottle – check (not sludge, yet not watery). Clinginess to meat – check. Natural look – check (specks of spices and seasonings). The right consistency allows you to use less sauce to cover the meat, and lately it’s all about reducing costs – right? This sauce provides a good ROBI (return on BBQ investment). You heard that term here first – OK?

Before Cooking Flavor

Average. It’s good, but it doesn’t stand out from other KC style BBQ sauces.

After Cooking Flavor

Average. Again, good – but there was nothing extremely memorable about my meal when I only added this sauce at the 80% complete mark of the BBQ chicken wings.


Average. Standard ingredients with use of ketchup, HFCS, lots of sugar.


Average. Didn’t stand out as being unique, or gluten-free, or packed with vitamins 🙂

Marketing and Packaging

Average. I get the idea of a roasting joker/jester/fool, but I think the concept is somewhat cannibalistic. Are they frying up the fool? Are they then going to eat the fool?  As Mr T would say, I pity the po’ fool!

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