BBQ’n Fools Signature Teriyaki Pepper (5/5)



Best way to describe this is a nice gooey teriyaki/soy sauce with a little bit of heat.  This asian-style sauce is far from the traditional KC-style BBQ sauce we’re all so used to seeing and trying – no tomatoes, no vinegar.  This Yaki sauce has served me well in kicking up several of my favorites including stir-fry’s, grilled chicken sandwiches, kabobs, and wings.  Straight from the bottle it’s very salty (main ingredient is soy sauce) but the magic of the grill takes the edge off when applied properly (when the cooking is 80-90% done). All in all, something nice to try when you are looking to quickly brush some sauce on a piece of meat and have everyone thinking you’re an Iron Chef with a specialization in Asian cuisine.

Smell 5
Taste 5
Consistency 5
Ingredients 4
Label and marketing 4

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