Best Boston Local BBQ Sauces rated by Gary @ Pigtrip!

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary from Pigtrip last weekend. I had been reading his stuff for years – looking for recommendations on the food and scenery for some local BBQ places near me. He’s like the Phantom Gourmet for BBQ places in the Northeast and I’m trying to keep him from quitting permanently because I think he’s got a great talent for critical eating and writing.     You tell me:

Although he is more of a traditionalist with BBQ sauce who believe the meats should taste so good that no sauce is required, he did offer some advice for local Northeast folks like him and I. after a reader had asked him:

Gary, Who has the best bbq sauce in New England? Why?

Gary says…

“Seems like most of my favorites are in the greater Boston area.

Blue Ribbon (Newton MA, Arlington MA  review) has only one sweet, a tomato based one with a little tartness. But they have two different mustard sauces, two different vinegar sauces and a habanero sauce, all with different characteristics and good for using straight or in combinations.

SoulFire (Allston MA review) has only one vinegar sauce, similar to Blue Ribbon’s, but they have a few different sweet sauces that span the spectrum from molassesy to slightly tangy to slightly hot to more than slightly hot. They sometimes also have a hot mustard sauce. Three of their sauces are heated and can be pumped as needed.

Lester’s (Burlington MA review) has an array similar to Blue Ribbon’s, with more sweet options. They also sometimes have an oddball house made hot sauce or two.

Firefly’s (multiple locations review) has a nice assortment with one each of the typical sweet, the typical vinegar, a sweet/spicy/tangy one similar to what’s often used on the competition circuit and a unique Texas sauce with tomato, onion and hot peppers.

Fire Box (review) has the typical vinegar and sweet sauces, plus a couple of hot and fruity offshoots that are worth a try.

Holy Smokes (Western MA review) might have had the best assortment of sweet sauces before the original restaurant burned down a few years ago. I’ve not yet been to their new deli operation, so I don’t know if those sauces are still available.

Bobby Q’s (Westport CT review) has a trio of sauces that I liked, especially the ones on the sweet end.

It’s been a while since I visited, but I remember Beale Street (multiple Maine locations review) having a nice assortment.

If you like thick and spicy, Lobster Q (Hampstead NH review) has a couple of good ones.”


When we were out at lunch, he told me what he uses for BBQ sauce…

“Sweet Baby Ray’s as a base, and then I mix in a bunch of my own ingredients.”

Pigtrip website

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