Big Tex Morgan’s Western BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Kim, the current owner of Big Tex Morgan’s says, “This is a sauce I learned to make from my Dad. It was past down from his Dad. For years only friends and family where able to enjoy this sauce. Now I hope to let others enjoy what I’ve enjoyed since childhood.”  And it’s a great thing you did.  What we have here is a somewhat traditional, KC-style sauce, loaded with chunks of real onion for a mild smooth sweet taste with a dark undertone of molasses from the brown sugar and just enough smoke to make it interesting.


I have a lot of people asking me for something that’s traditional but “not too sweet.”  And I laugh because most BBQ sauces are VERY sweet.  But this one isn’t.  It’s got a good quality flavor, but it has enough going on where it doesn’t need the same amount of sweets to make it palatable… compared to many of the other sauces on the market. Everyone will like it for it’s mild flavor, but enthusiasts will pick up on it’s complexity and well-proportioned balance of onion, garlic, smoke, and apple cider vinegar.


The Morgan’s have nailed it.  Just enough movement to get out of the bottle and into basting bowl and onto chicken fast.  And then – just like our Black lab – when it’s gets on something it stays there.  With the sauce, it stays on the meat. With our dog Emma, she is usually within 1-2 feet of me at all times (especially when I’m cooking).  The chunks of onion are added in just the right quantity as to not be overwhelming (unless you really LOVE onions and then you should check these out: Saint A’s and Crazy Uncle Jester Brush Fire BBQ).


Tomato Concentrate made from vine ripened tomatoes, Corn Syrup, Vinegar, Fresh Onions, Garlic Power, Brown Sugar, Onion Power, Liquid Smoke, Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Flavors.


Giveaway coming up later today.

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  1. tobias henderson says:

    too bad you gave such a good review after the way this fellow talks about you, in fact he called you an arrogant ASS!!!! I tasted the sauce and thought it way too thick for my liking

  2. Funny, I heard that from someone else (about Tex badmouthing me). I think it was because it took me awhile to taste his sauce. Oh well! Gotta have a bit of a thick skin to give truly objective reviews… someone is bound to walk away unhappy.


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