Black Tooth Inn Grilling Salsa – Mild (4/5)

Burbank California is billed as the “Media Capital of the World” and is the home for many of the studios and production facilities outside Hollywood. This sauce I bring to you today, Black Tooth Inn Guajillo Mocha Grilling Salsa, comes from Burbank and it shows. The sauce has great name appeal with “Black Tooth Inn” which makes you think of a bad-ass pirate with bad teeth that moonlights as a hotelier.  It has a unique flavor brought about by guajillos.  A guajillo chili is a variety of chili pepper of the species Capsicum annum, produced by drying the Mirasol Chili, and which is widely used in the cuisine of Mexico.  Mocha means a mix between coffee and chocolate (they add cocoa).  So it’s a nice way to describe the flavor.

The details and special effects and label details are great – great copy-writing, design, and I liked the heat indicator on the bottom of the label.  All of it makes you want to open the bottle. I really liked the sauce in both uncooked and cooked.  The flavors are great, complex and rich.  There is an initial flavor of a rich salsa… then you get a blast of sweetness from apple cider vinegar and brown sugar… then you taste the depth of peppers in the bottle.  Not a straight up habanero pepper punch in the nose, but more like a blend of a bunch of great peppers all simmered together for days with a hint of cocoa..   There really is a special flavor going on here that I’ve never had before.  Only issues were 1)  thinness of the sauce 2) potential missed opportunity by calling grilling salsa versus BBQ sauce. I’m just not sure enough people are seeking Grilling Salsa, its a positive and a negative.  If you get enough people aware of this, then you can own the market.  But I’m afraid most folks won’t know what it is and look past it on the shelf.

Bottom line:

Black Tooth Inn Guajillo Mocha Grilling Salsa is a unique Mexican BBQ sauce/salsa with great sauce flavor that is complex (guajillo peppers) and deep (cocoa).  It’s sweet enough, all natural, and just a bit spicy.
I wanted it to be a little bit thinner and sticker – but it can be very hard to get this when you are all natural.


  • Strong unique pepper/BBQ/cocoa flavor
  • All natural ingredients
  • Excellent label and design


  • A little thin and didn’t stick to meat well.
  • Might want to include BBQ sauce in the name versus grilling salsa – could limit number of people who would want to try it.

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