Blenders Spicy Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

This was my favorite variety of Jeri Blender’s current BBQ sauce line-up. Like all the other sauces in her line-up, it’s a really thick, all-natural sauce made without HFCS or artificial flavors & colors.  I reviewed the other sauces from Blenders some time ago and I didn’t think this had the overwhelming vinegar power that I found with the other sauces. The other secret sauce in here is the use of a red chile garlic puree to provide a sweet yet complex flavor.  The spicy blend (not too spicy) seemed to provide the best overall balance of flavor in the end.  Link to other sauces can be found here Original Chipotle.

Jeri Blender needs to be commended here; she was doing all-natural sauces long before it was cool.  And if you get the chance, I have to point out that this product also has some of the best marketing I’ve seen with an amazing story, and long history, great colors schemes and brand identity, and a great website to match.

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