Captain Curts Famous Boss Sauce – Hot (4/5)



A great tasting sauce. Not too much variation from the mild sauce in terms of flavor, but I noticed something slightly unusual here – usually on a label for spicy BBQ sauces, you can quickly determine what ingredient is making the sauce hot.  Usually it’s some kind of pepper, either in spice, extract, or natural form.

With this specific sauce (Captain Curts Famous Boss Sauce – Hot), the only area I could probably guess the heat came into play is the catch-all ingredient called “spices“.  Its a little frustrating when compound ingredients are used and not broken out into their elements… (my favorite example is a barbecue sauce I tried the other day that listed as it’s first ingredient:  barbecue sauce. Really! More later on that one).  So this sauce is a bit hotter than the mild sauce, but who knows what the heck made it hot.

The ingredients question aside, the flavor of this is great – almost to the level of  “Bone Suckin” uniqueness and distinction.  This one is influenced by something which – to me – tastes like part Old Bay and part traditional BBQ sauce.   Good flavor, negative mark in ingredients for compound ingredients, HFCS, and MSG.

Bonus to Captain Curt for just being awesome.

Smell 4
Taste 4
Consistency 4
Ingredients 3
Label and marketing 3

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