Carolina Sunshine Butt n’ Rib Rub

Today’s rub comes to us from sunny Florida, although you’d never guess it by the name of the product.  Let’s check out Carolina Sunshine Rib n’ Butt Rub

The Story

Carolina Sunshine BBQ is the creation of George Foley, a native of Eastern North Carolina since transplanted to Lithia, FL.  Carolina Sunshine BBQ is a competition team that offers up North Carolina flavors.  They sell a variety of BBQ sauces that pay tribute to both the Eastern and Piedmont Carolina flavors.  Their website offers up more information on how they came to be.

The Rub

This rub is one of the more unique tasting rubs I have tried.  The ingredients are as follows: salt, soy beans, vinegar, spices (including mustard and paprika), natural flavors, and silicon dioxide (as an anti-caking agent).

  • Appearance — a mixture of brown and white, very different from the red/orange colored rubs I’m used to seeing.
  • Aroma — hints of soy and mustard
  • A Taste — soy, salt, mustard are the predominant flavors picked up here… no heat element present

The Result

As much as I wanted to try this on a pork butt, I have not had the opportunity to do so.  So I used the next best thing — pork chops.

The chops were grilled on the gas grill using Mangrates for about 15 minutes.  One chop got a coat of Bill’s Best BBQ Sauce in the final five minutes of cooking, while the other went unsauced.

The rub, when used by itself, worked beautifully!  This would work wonders on pork steaks as well as pork chops, as it gave it an excellent savory flavor.  On the sauced chop, I found that it clashed at times with the flavor of the sauce, but that could be a product of the amount of rub used.  Perhaps it would work better when paired with one of the Carolina Sunshine BBQ sauces.  This is potent stuff, so more rub will give the meat a more potent flavor.

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Wayne Brown

Big Wayner is the BBQ rub and seasoning reviewer for BBQ Sauce Reviews, and he moonlights as the mad genius behind Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog. He is a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge and enjoys talking all things BBQ! Come check him out at


  1. George F says:

    Check us on Facebook … and our special for the month of May! A free wing sauce with any order. And the Rub is being used by many customers on chicken with rave reviews!

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