Chef Matt’s Arizona Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce (3/5)



Chef Matt offers a unique, habanero-influenced sauce for the world to try.   I did expect more kick when I saw the word habanero, but in the end I found this sauce to be a great example of what I’d consider to be the “right amount of heat” for the average BBQ sauce that wants to call themselves “spicy”… anything more and you should really shout out the fact that it’s super hot (like Mad Dog Ultra Hot).

The initial sniff threw me off a bit – sometimes BBQ sauces that include beer one of the base ingredients have an odd scent.   It’s a decent flavor, but not great, a little strong in the pepper flavor and a little strong with the mixed beer/vinegar smell and taste.  Surprising to see such a huge ingredients list when the flavor wasn’t very complex.  The label with a chef bumblebee is a bit misleading – I can taste the honey, but the habanero is the bold flavor here.

Smell – 3
Taste – 2
Consistency – 4
Ingredients – 3
Label and Marketing – 4


Ketchup, beer, water, dark brown sugar, onions, liquid smoke, mustard, Worcestershire sauce (compound which includes HFCS), garlic, honey, lemon juice, corn starch, bourbon, black pepper, habanero powder.

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