Cookie’s BBQ Sauce (4/5)

I’ve found that people from the Midwest are all real.   Huh?   What do I mean by that?    Well, they tend to be straight-up, honest, with no BS, no hidden agenda, and no accent.

Cookies BBQ Sauce is a product of Iowa and like it’s Midwestern friends, it is also simple, straight-up, and no BS.

But I guess I’ve become a bit desensitized to the ordinary… and I prefer an accent sometimes (a new spice or flavor) and I sometimes like a little bit of a hidden agenda… (surprise bit of heat or a flavor that only activates when the sauce meets fire).

So although the lack of differentiation prevents me from giving it a 5, it’s still a very tasty and smokey BBQ sauce flavor.  The initial flavor I get when it hit my tongue is the dark sweet flavor of molasses, followed by a powerful liquid smoke flavor, ending with a salty tang provided by Worcestershire sauce.  Yum.

One nice surprise is that is can be added to my popular Gluten-free BBQ sauce list.

Consistency is a bit on the thin side and had limited specks and homemade sauce appeal but stuck to meat well and tasted great throughout the process.

Bottom Line (4/5)

A populist’s BBQ sauce, a safe smokey sweet choice.   I think most of America LOVES this kind of sauce.  It’s right in the middle of two really popular ones.  I think it’s like Sweet Baby Rays but thinner and not anywhere near as sweet.   And it’s kinda like Kraft Original BBQ sauce, but tastier.   My daughter for one, couldn’t stop scooping this stuff onto her grilled cheese…

The Original flavor is the sauce that put Cookies on the map, but for folks who like a little variety in their BBQ Sauce, they also offer three other sauce flavors including Sweet Hickory, Western and Country Blend.

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding!!!

    Cookie’s is so sweet and thick that it’s like tomato syrup instead of a barbecue sauce. Absolutely disgusting. It should be used on pancakes or waffles.

    If I find that a food has Cookie’s on it I avoid it.

    Iowans like it because of all the corn syrup it must have in it.

    Maull’s!!! Now there’s a real barbecue sauce.

    • doubt it !

      • Watching this together with our little 7 month prince Leander. Thanks for the inspiration and support this video provides. Great song lyrics – encapsulates what a parent feels.Oh, just read some of the comments…Atheistrage has a lot to learn about life, society and social interaction. Your comments hurt me. You appear rather ill-informed and selfish, unfortunately.Your viewpoint is frankly outdated. Why do these videos always attract people with a chip on their shoulder? Baffling.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding!!!

    Cookie’s is so sweet and thick that it’s like tomato syrup instead of a barbecue sauce. Absolutely disgusting.

    If I find that a food has Cookie’s on it I avoid it. You can’t taste the meat.

    Maull’s!!! Now there’s a real barbecue sauce.

  3. Russell124 says:

    I’m from Iowa and I don’t give a crap about whether or not there is corn in this sauce. I just like the sauce.

    It is almost too sweet at times, but if I don’t want a sweet sauce I usually go for KC Masterpiece.

  4. This is the only BBQ sauce I’ll eat…or CAN eat. I dislike anything spicy hot or too tangy and COOKIES fits the bill just perfect for me and my family.


  5. We have LOVED Cookies for 25 years atleast… I can’t stand any others, I think THEY are too sweet!!! Now our Walmart doesn’t carry it, too sad… Back to the old way of ordering it on-line… It lasts longer that way anyway, cause we get a case.. The only other way is home-made Kansas City vinegar based sauce. Love Cookies. Above, you think Cookies is sweet, what do you think of the “Krafts” brands?


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