Country Chef Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Just received a batch of Country Chef’s Hickory Smoke, Mustard, and Sweet and Spicy.   I really enjoyed the philosophy of these sauces, the jars themselves, and the flavors.   The Hickory Smoke flavor must have been the original flavor.  It all started here and then branched out towards a spicier variant and a mustard based sauce.  Smart moves when diversifying because those are the categories by which most BBQ Sauce judging takes place.

The sauce flavor was smooth and sweet and somewhat smoky.  The aroma was smooth like tomatoes and mild coffee. The consistency is like something your grandma used to make – although my grandma never made BBQ sauce (she was Italian so it would have been tomato sauce) – anyway, it’s just an expression and you get my point.

It’s got lots of great chunks (bits of real onions, green peppers, celery) – definitely a homemade look and feel.   It looks natural and it is natural.   What does that mean?  Country Chef checks off all the boxes you want to see out of a sauce – gluten free, no HFCS, no preservatives, no … no nooo.  that’s what it’s like to be natural.

The hickory smoke was a good sauce with very positive qualities but not a standout compared to other sauces in this category.

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  1. Burt McDaniel says

    I wanted to give you a little feedback on our taste test of your sauces. I remember telling you that we are big
    Sonny’s BBQ fans. When we travel, we search out any Sonny’s locations nearby, and have been known to go far out of
    the way to get to one. I was very skeptical that anyone’s sauces could compare.
    I have six kids and a wife (all Sonny’s fans). When I opened your sauces all but 2 of us were home.
    I was the first to try it and they all watched for my reaction. I reacted so positively, they thought I must be kidding.
    The sauce was bursting with flavor and seemed to keep getting better.
    So the final analysis. We unanimously agreed that your sauce was better than Sonny’s.
    Each sauce we tried over the next week was excellent.
    I even used the chipolte sauce as a dip.

    Thanks for sharing your BBQ sauces with us.

    Count us as converts,
    Burt McDaniel

  2. Gary Johnson says

    My wife and I own a busy specialty coffee house and cafe in North Carolina. We use only Country Chef bbq sauce on our sandwiches. We love the choice of flavors and all natural ingredients. Keep it coming!

    Gary Johnson
    Mountain Java Westridge
    901 Smokey Park Highway
    Candler, NC 28715

  3. Jeanne Needham says

    I used the Country Chef Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce for cooking my beef ribs. I was pleasantly surprised to find the saucy texture and round taste of the BBQ sauce after baking. No sticky mess, no blackened coloring, no burned taste. My ribs were beautiful, juicy, and tasty, thanks to the great BBQ sauce. Thanks for keeping everything 100% Natural!

  4. Roger Kirkland says

    Used your sauce on our pulled pork and got great reviews and feedback from everyone at the pool party.Really enjoyed it great product….

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