Crazy Uncle Jesters Brush Fire BBQ (5/5)



Ah, another five star sauce.

The slogan for this should be “You’ll Relish This At Your Next BBQ” because it’s precisely what it is – a great tasting BBQ relish.  It’s the first onion-based ‘sauce’ I’ve ever had, the first ingredients being onions, then vinegar, then ketchup. Different enough that I had to stick it into the Unique BBQ Sauces category.  Sticks well to the meat and looks great after BBQ’ing – like the meat is wearing an chunky onion-sauce jacket.  It looks great after cooking – people won’t be able to NOT notice this if it’s next to another type of BBQ chicken.  It just stands out so well.   If you don’t like spicy foods at all, steer clear.   It’s hot, but not the “melt your tongue” level of heat that some masochists enjoy.

How best to describe the taste – take a standard BBQ sauce that you enjoy and consider what it would be like to add more onions, a bit more bite in terms of heat, and some more smokiness – all gathered in an amorphous relish-like consistency.  I tried it on both pork and chicken and found it really blasts the flavors of both by a factor of 11.

The only negatives were for use of ketchup (HFCS prob in there), artificial colors, and a somewhat intimidating label (my daughter was actually scared of this sauce just by looks).  And although 3 year olds aren’t the target market for this product, the kids are chronic truthtellers, aren’t they?  I could imagine other people seeing the label and being a little thrown off as well, thinking this is only an extreme heat lovers sauce, and it’s not. Just think – free marketing tips, from my daughter 🙂

If it were up to me, I’d consider calling this “BBQ relish,” tone down the look of the label, and brag about your awards.

Smell – 5
Taste – 5
Consistency – 5
Ingredients – 4
Label and Marketing – 4


Onion, vinegar, ketchup, bell pepper, worchester sauce, honey, lime juice, garlic, pectin, jalapenos, serranos, tomato paste, liquid smoke, salt, spices (compound ingredients shortened).  Low, 3.5 carbs per serving.


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