Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot Sauce (5/5)

Add this to your next burrito.  Dominated by the flavor of a fine fire-roasted salsa, Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot really surprised me with a hybrid salsa/hot/BBQ sauce flavor that tasted fantastic and had just a touch of heat.  Heat supplied by jalapenos, Red Savina and other Habaneros – hot sauce effects lasted about 10-20 seconds on my tongue. What a great flavor!

Look at the color and consistency of this stuff…. nice.



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  1. Curtis Maybin says

    That is a very cool label, the dragon and hot reference is cool. It has a nice rich color and the specks of black just give you the sense of it going to burn it’s so hot.

  2. Sandy Griffin says

    Blueberry Chipotle’
    Sweet Wild Blueberries, Cherrywood Smoked Jalapenos & Pure Maple Syrup are the Foundation to this Newest Crowd Favorite!!

    Wow this one sounds so yummy. I have never thought of pairing Blueberries with a BBQ sauce I would love to try your sauce out on some baby back ribs, or the original since my family doesnt do hot and I don’t know if the Chipotle in it is real predominent.

    The label on your new one is great. I would buy it for a gift just on looks alone!

  3. Mark kenowski says

    I would buy this by the pint, quart, or gallon.
    5 fluid ounces simply not enough, I ripped through
    It in 2 days, even licked the cap clean before I tossed it
    In the recycle bin.

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