Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce (5/5)

David Moncur, Founder, Easy Peasy Foods on why he started Easy Peasy Foods:

“After spending most of my adult life going to bad Saturday backyard barbeques, I decided I was sick and tired of dry chicken and blah, burnt, or just bad barbeque. No one seemed to know what a marinade was or how to use it. The only place to get good barbeque was at a restaurant (that no one can afford anymore)… So, I decided enough was enough, and took matters (and sauce) into my own hands. And Easy Peasy Foods was born. I created marinades and sauces that will make you King of the Grill once again! These products make Saturdays around the grill not something to dread, but an Easy Peasy thing to do with family and friends (the kids will BEG for more, mine do!!) We are creating products that help you serve up great food and gives you just one more way to bring home cooking home again™.”

David certainly has a great formula going and one which I really enjoyed.

  1. All natural ingredients – no corn syrup, no preservatives.
  2. A fantastic deep, sweet, and rich flavor with an Asian flair (soy sauce)
  3. A little tiny smidge of heat.
  4. Good marketing to back it all up

Sorry to name drop another sauce here in the middle of my Easy Peasy love fest – but this sauce reminds me a LOT of another sauce I’ve tried called Mad Dog.  Like Mad Dog, there are high quality ingredients, no corn syrup, and lots of care put into the look and the consistency and the overall appearance of the bottle and the sauce.

Unlike Mad Dog, this sauce won’t burn your face off.  Mad Dog is tasty, but there are quite a few scoville units packed into each and every bottle which might be surprising to folks looking for a new sauce.    BBQ Insurance sauce has a great flavor and only provides a very subtle heat, perhaps enough to warm the lips but not enough to attack your tongue or mouth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor of the sauce and it also reminded me a bit of a dish I had about 4 years ago at a P.F. Chang’s – the Asian chicken lettuce wraps.  I don’t forget a great sauce – and the flavor and subtle heat reminded me of that exact same experience.  Here’s a recipe for it (just use this sauce, don’t try to make it yourself): http://www.food.com/recipe/p-f-changs-chicken-lettuce-wraps-15865

Couldn’t find much wrong with this sauce except … it’s not available in my state (!) so I’ll have to use it sparingly (or order more online when I run out).

Mmm.  Look at that deep dark color.  You can almost taste the deep rich molasses/soy flavor just by looking at it!

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