Fat D’s Southern Charm (4/5)

fatds southern charm

A nice looking mustard-based sauce from Orlando Florida.   Let’s put it to the test!

Outside the bottle


Like all of Fat D’s bottles, it is professional quality with great design and feel and meaningful, yet understated taglines:

Not Your Normal Mustard-Based Sauce – A Southern Version of an Old Carolina Favorite

This is my favorite tagline out of all of the Fat D’s sauces.   Tells you what to expect, but leave it open for interpretation.

Inside the bottle


The first sniff hits you with a tangy mustard flavor.

The ingredients are quite simple – mustard, apple cider vinegar, liquid smoke (which I didn’t really taste), and some other spices.

Uncooked the flavor was great – tangy and complex.   Cooked, the sauce was also great!

Bottom Line

A great sauce that delivers a similar base to Southern Mischief without the heat.   Still a great sauce but if I had the choice, I’m going Southern Mischief.



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