Fat D’s Southern Mischief (5/5)


BBQ Sauce Review of Fat D’s Southern Mischief (5/5)

Southern Mischief is a well-designed mustard sauce from Orlando Florida.   Let’s put it to the test!

Outside the bottle


Like all of Fat D’s bottles, it is professional quality with great design and feel and meaningful, yet understated taglines:

Our Carolina Twist: An Old Favorite with a Touch of Southern Heat

Here they are really referring to South Carolina, known for mustard sauces much more than the mostly tangy North Carolina type sauces.  Carolina’s are very complicated – but if you want to really try all of the BBQ Sauce flavors – a good way to start would be to try an eastern NC style (thin & tangy), then a west NC style (somewhat like KC style, thick & sweet) then a SC style (thin & mustard based)…  There are some in the middle too!

Inside the bottle


The first sniff hits you with a tangy mustard flavor.  I love mustards too – they can be so complex. This isn’t a sweet honey mustard flavor, a French’s yellow mustard, or even Grey Poupon.  The closest sauce I’ve had to this was Fat Redneck’s Mustard Sauce, which won the whole shebang at the last Saucekers competition.

The ingredients are quite simple – mustard, apple cider vinegar, liquid smoke (which I didn’t really taste), and some other spices.

Uncooked the flavor was great – tangy and complex.  I’ve only had a few sauces like this – Salt Lick amd Fat Redneck and both were huge winners in my book.

Cooked, the sauce was also great.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best mustard sauces I’ve had in a long time.  This could go very well with a lot of things and worked perfect with pulled pork and chicken… I’d like to see how a soft pretzel dipped into this stuff would taste!



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