Fat D’s Sweet & Sassy (4/5)


BBQ Sauce Review of Fat D’s Sweet & Sassy (4/5)

This Fat D’s sauce from Orlando Florida promises “Sweet with Heat.”   Let’s put it to the test!

Outside the bottle


Like all of Fat D’s bottles, it is professional quality with great design and feel.

The tagline is nicely written:

Fat D’s Sweet & Sassy Southern Blend: Sweet Meets Heat – Traditional with a Kick

It sounds great to me and tells me it’s going to be sweet with a little heat.   In this sauce, I’m not so sure of the use of traditional because the base of the sauce is so unique and tangy – in a good way.  It’s just that I’m not sure the word traditional really captures the essence of this sauce.

Inside the bottle


The first sniff is intoxicating and makes me want to just take a swig of it.  You can smell the salty sweet apple base and the onion & garlic flavors.

The ingredients look a lot like their Southern Gentlemen  sauce. –  ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and apple cider vinegar base – with oinoin powder, garlic, mustard  powder,  allspice, and a bucket of ingredients under “spices.”  I’m sure they added more pepper under there to add some heat.

Uncooked the flavor was really nice – tangy and not as sweet as your average BBQ sauce with a little bit of heat and an apple-vinegar aftertaste (a great thing).  The mustard powder and allspice also add a third dimension of flavor.

I enjoyed the flavor very much but was hoping for a bit more in the heat department.  Believe me, it’s a great sauce but to me seemed a little too close to Southern Gentlemen in terms of overall flavor / heat profile.

Bottom Line

This is also a very tasty and unique flavor that BBQ lovers will enjoy.  I wanted a bit more heat but I’m getting older and maybe I’ve burnt off a few heat sensors on my tongue.

This is a nicely executed, NC-style thinner sauce that would be perfect with pulled pork, would be awesome on brisket, and was decent on grilled boneless chicken (the food I use for every review).



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