Free Sauce Friday: Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce

I have three bottles of Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce to give away.

This is really tasty stuff and the winner will be randomly selected!

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  1. Chuck Smith says:

    Sweet Hickory

  2. That’ll be Western, pardner.

  3. Christopher Sorel says:

    sweet hickory

  4. Derek Garcia says:

    I love a sweet, thick sauce on ribs.

  5. Troy Wells says:

    id love to give this thick sweet sauce a try…

  6. Just did pork, so I guess I’d try it on chicken if I win!!

  7. Pork!

  8. Tommy Russ says:

    Chicken, definitely!

  9. I grill chicken every morning for my lunch, but I also like to use BBQ on salmon. If I win, that stuff won’t last a week ( =

  10. Chicken or pork ribs!

  11. A thick, sweet sauce? I’m thinking ribs!

  12. Boston Butt… pulled pork sammies!

    Just tweeted the contest as well,

  13. I would like to try the hickory on chicken if I win.

  14. Pork 4 life

  15. Where’s the beef??? I’m going to lather it up with Papa Woodys sauce!

  16. Jason Prince says:

    I would use Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce and grill some BBQ chicken 🙂

  17. Paula Prince says:

    I would make my husband smoke some ribs lathered in some Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce for me.

  18. I’d go pork or chicken. But I’d like to go pork

  19. Wes Mason says:

    Hmm, I would definitely put this on pork.

  20. Julie Kirkwood says:

    I would lather this sauce on some chicken legs.

  21. Mike Howard says:

    I would go for Ribs, baby back ribs.

  22. You know, once again I misread the instructions. I blame my excitement about a new Friday Giveaway.

    Anyway, I’d put the sauce on gator tail. If I had any. Since I don’t I’d probably try it first on chicken (tastes like gator).

  23. Jim LaRue says:

    We would use it in our weekly taste test.Looking for sause to use in our new restaurant..

  24. juan restrepo says:

    Baby back ribs

  25. caitlin brown says:

    id LOVE to try it on some beef bbq YUMM 😉

  26. Wes Mason says:

    Is it time yet?

  27. Jim LaRue says:

    Ribs this week !!

  28. I am thinking ribs!

  29. Jason dunlap says:

    Definitely chicken. Maybe some drumettes or breast strips.

  30. I won! I won! So now what?

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