Friday Giveaway: Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag

TGIF.   And as usual, we’ve got another Friday BBQ Sauce give-away for the month of April.

This one will have 15 WINNERS!

15 Winners will each receive:

  • A BBQ cookbook (things you can do with this sauce mix)
  • One large package of Original Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag
  • One small package of your choice of other flavors (Southwest, Honey Mesquite, Chipotle)

Requirements for winning:

You must:

  1. Make a comment on the BBQSauceReviews blog here
  2. Make a comment on Uncle Joe’s Facebook page here (must refer to BBQSauceReviews in your comment)

The winner will be chosen randomly from the contestants that complete both tasks… but we will have 15 winners so your chances are very good.     If you’ve already received this sauce in a previous content, please provide a review or a link to a review/video/picture…

And amazing entries that promote Uncle Joe’s BBQ sauce in a Bag and BBQ sauce reviews will be rewarded with a shirt/mug/beer stein – let’s see that creativity!

Contest will run until Sunday April 24 at 5pm – at which time I will announce the winners on this blog post (check back to see if you won).



Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.



  1. Kevin Yarbrough says

    First time here! Would sure love to try some new Q!

  2. Rob Kritzer says

    I would love to try some new BBQ sauce.

  3. chuck tezekjian says

    i am jonesin’ for some BBQ Sauce!!!!!! its time to break out the testing tastbuds and have fun!!!!! free is sooo much better!!!

  4. Bob Shields says

    I would like to try something new to me.

  5. Jack Ayers says

    The last stuff I got was great, would like to try some other flavors too

  6. Megan Kradzinski says

    Wow, this is a great giveaway. I hope I win so we can try out some of the recipes in the cookbook. I’m a member of a competition bbq team in need of some ideas for the Anything Butt category. We try different recipes all the time, but haven’t found that great one just yet. It’d be cool to find one in your cookbook and give credit to Uncle Joe’s tasty sauce if we win anything!

  7. richard cornett says

    Looking to try some new sauces… I think BBQSauceReviews is a great forum for people to try new sauces and to express their love for bbq… Glad my old high school friend jason prince led me to this site…

  8. I love BBQ…need my sauce…need it!

  9. I am always up to try some new sauce!!! Thanks! 🙂

  10. Paula Cull says

    I wanna try some!

  11. I would love to try this!!! Posting on there fb

  12. I’m always game for new sauces!

  13. Outstanding and new approach to the BBQ world. What more innovative ideas are awaiting in Uncle Joe’s cookbook for all to admire and espire to. Uncle Joe takes an old tradition and gives it a make over to get the most flavor out one’s “Q”. Who better to rely on then Uncle Joe…we all need help from our favorite Uncle. May the “Q” be with you all.

  14. Jason Prince says

    would love to try some 🙂

  15. Jessica Clark says

    would love to try some

  16. Jessica Clark says

    I would love to try some !!!

  17. Arty Podnos says

    I’ve tried this sauce and it is delicious. At first I tried it as a rub and then as a sauce. Both ways were very tasy and flavorful. You will not be disappointed.

  18. Larry Walsh says

    Uncle Larry BBQ would love to try Uncle Joe’s BBQ as my Cinco de Mayo party is right around the corner and I will have 100 potential customers trying your sauce out on the best smoked ribs east of the Mississippi!

  19. curtis maybin says

    Great idea. gotta order me some.

    Curtis Maybin

  20. Best Hot Sauce in a Bag ever! Will have a post next week with shortibs.

  21. Nicolas Bauwens says

    I’m a BBQ sauce addict from Belgium and it seems this contest is not US only 🙂 I’d really love to try it because it’s difficult to find good BBQ sauces in Europe ! And the cookbook would be the icing on the cake

  22. I hope I win, this stuff looks awesome!

  23. Gary LaBelle says

    Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag, in a box, and sent to me. Come in handy for the neighborhood grill off next month.

  24. I am a Sauce fanatic and would look forward to trying this sauce. I wonder if it might ever hit a local store nearby. That would be convenient. 🙂

  25. Gary E. Huggins says

    We LOVE Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a bag! Our BBQ doesn’t taste anywhere near as good without it, and I’ve been BBQ’ing for at least 45 years! Uncle Joe’s is the BEST!

  26. I won some Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag awhile back. I received Original Blend and Southwest flavors. Both were excellent! The Original Blend yielded a fairly traditional style BBQ sauce which went great on pork chops (yes, pork chops!). For the Southwest style I substituted homebrew ale for water and the end result was perfect for brisket! (If you need a reason to make your own beer, using it in BBQ sauce is as good as any…)

    I also like the fact that you can make just as much sauce as you need when you need it. Fresh sauce is better than chilled from the fridge!

  27. Winners are announced. You had to post on this blog and on Uncle Joe’s Facebook to win this one….

    Winners List:
    Bryan Lee
    Courtney L. ‘Bishop’ Jackson
    Tara Ewers
    Gary LaBelle
    Tom Russomano
    Curtis Maybin
    Larry Walsh
    Richard Cornett
    Kevin Yarbrough/BrewItAll
    Wayne Brown
    C-Dub’s BBQ Rub
    Megan Kradzinki
    Jay Prince
    Chuck Tezekjian
    Nicolas Bauwens

    Send email to “” by Wednesday April 27th with:
    1. your HOME mailing address.
    2. your choice of Southwest, Honey Mesquite, Chipotle

    3. Please say thank you to the sponsor and support small businesses like this one if you like the product – write a review, post a picture on my facebook page or Uncle Joes…

    Everyone else – don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win this time – we’ll keep the giveaways going as long as we can.

    Thanks and see you next week!!

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