Giveaway – Jake’s BBQ Sauce

It’s that time again.   Time for MORE FREE BBQ STUFF.

2 Winners are getting 3 FREE bottles of Jake’s BBQ Sauce!

Jake’s offers both Inferno and Medium Hot – this is really a giveaway for you hot BBQ sauce lovers.

To win, enter an interesting comment about:

  1. this website
  2. hot BBQ sauces
  3. your favorite hot pepper

The best two comments will win.

Official Rules:

  • US only.
  • Best two comments are judged by me
  • Contest ends at midnight January 7, 2011 EST
  • Results will be posted on this website by Sunday January 9, 2011
  • Anonymous or spammy comments will be ignored/removed.
  • One entry per person, please.

Good luck and start commenting… NOW!  (Hint: Click the word COMMENTS in red)

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  1. Chris Palumbo says:

    Sign me up… I like hot bbq sauces because it makes eating fun!

  2. BBQ Sauce Reviews is a must site for BBQ beginners and experts alike.
    It is great source of information, without spending a bundle blindly trying every BBQ Sauce a person comes across. The reviews here are most helpful in sorting out likes and dislikes about new and familiar BBQ Sauces. It can be done from the comfort of ones home.

  3. I’m so glad I stumbled across this website. As a beginning BBQ’r it’s an swesome way to find out what is out there!! I’m hoping to someday be featured on your site. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. Judd Newcomb says:

    This is great sauce, and this is one of the few sites I have seen that take into consideration the healthiness (e.g. the presence of high fructose corn) in the sauces we eat. Keep up the good work Brian!

  5. Barbeque Sauce Reviews makes my shopping for BBQ sauces a breeze. If there is a new sauce I want to try BSR is the first place I look for honest and helpful information. I wish you had done a review on “Beezle Bobs” barbeque sauce from Memphis Minnies S.F Ca. I thought there was no barbeque sauce too hot This sauce was so hot it made me humble and weak.I love the habanero pepper. This pepper has heat to spare and a beautiful unique flavor. It is a welcom addition to my garden and homemade sauces.

  6. Matthias Kamasz says:

    Bar B Que Sauce aint sauce unless you go through a role of TP the next day.

  7. Arty Podnos says:

    After trying all of these hot sauces with kitschy names, I realized that more effort was going into the extreme heat ingredients and hilarious packaging than the actual flavor of the sauce. Realizing that as much as I loved the heat and cleverness, taste was the most important component. Jake’s may not use shocking words with skulls on its label, but the flavor and intensity were very commendable. I tip my hat to Jake’s as a quality product.

  8. Can there even be good BBq sauce without Heat? I mean seriously sauce with no kick is like oreo’s without the cream filling. It just isn’t complete. I am actually new to this site and anxious to get one or 2 of my sauces reviewed.

    I like jalapeños and habanero chilis..I make a sauce that uses both. Great combo

  9. Phillip Dacus says:

    I want in too. Id love to try it. I have been looking for a Bar-B-Q sauce that wont kill you or give you a heart attack. Most sauces I have seen and tried and way overloaded with salt and sugar. id say that market is ripe for a low salt, low sugar Bar-B-Q sauce that still taste good. And no fake sugar. That kills too.


  10. Phillip Dacus says:

    I used to work at a small store that sold hot sauces. Nothing, at that time, gave me more pleasure than some young punk that came in bragging that he could handle any heat and wanted to hottest thing we had. All it took was a a drop of Dave’s Beyond Insanity on a toothpick to send them off crying.

    God is good and so his making big macho punks cry!

  11. I like me some hot sauce. mind you, not so hot it burns comin’ in AND comin’ out…

  12. What can I say the website is awesome, ever since I found it I have found out about more sauces then I knew of. It also has helped me pick and order some of the best sauces and led me to great washed and rubs aswell. So far the best Hot BBQ sauce I have tasted is one I made myself, why well because its to my taste with just the right amount of everything the way I like it. That however dosent mean there isnt anything better so there is nothing wrong with trying something new, with experience comes knowledge and thats why I would love to try some of this sauce and see what im missing out on.

  13. Love it when people find and use the power of peppers PEPPER POWER!
    Get ur palates right

  14. Awesome site. Awesome sauce. Did I win??!!

  15. OK… the winners are #6 and #12 (I used

    Looks like Judd and Johnny are winners this round.

    Congrats and send me your addresses to brian @

    thanks everyone for playing, stay tuned… we have a serious contest coming up next week!!


  16. Judd Newcomb says:

    Sweet thanks Brian!

  17. Its hard to find a balance of hot and sweet sauces. Some people just want to make it as hot as possible for the gimmick and don’t care about the taste. BBQ Sauce reviews sifts through the junk and give you helpful information for all your sauce needs. Keep it up.

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