Grandville’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce – Original Spicy (3/5)


Your parents always told you to eat your veggies and the creator of this sauce must have listened to his/her parents.  The best way to describe it is to call it a tomato-based BBQ sauce loaded up with vegetables.  And although I gave it a mediocre score, I think that BBQ sauce freaks (like me) would be well served to have tried this one because it’s remarkably different than anything I’ve ever tried before.


It smells like a combination of BBQ sauce and a southwestern style salsa.

Before Cooking Flavor

The flavor is different and not something I’d personally like every day or week, but it is a fun one that I would share with friends who love different styles of BBQ. It is executed well and has an even, sweet flavor offset by the constant reminder that you are eating something that seems like it should be healthy.  One important thing to note is that it isn’t spicy at all, and due to the label “original spicy” I was hoping for a bit more heat.


Thick, goopy, absolutely loaded with real veggie chunks.  Good texture and “real” flavor.

After Cooking Flavor

Doesn’t change much between the jar and grill… a stoic variety that retains it’s natural veggie/BBQ taste throughout it’s lifecycle.  When the sugar melts off, the veg taste does stand out a bit more.


Bonus points for creativity and use of real minced onions, bell peppers, chilies, and garlic cloves; however it’s got the standard HFCS that stands out.


No preservatives or additives.

Marketing and Packaging

Decent but vague and unfocused marketing. I would call it something like BBQ Veggie Blast and let the folks who really, really love the taste of real vegetables to come forth and enjoy what could be a sauce match made in heaven.  The canning jar is my favorite sauce form factor, and I wish more sauces packaged the same way.


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