Grumpy’s Not So Bold BBQ Sauce (3/5)

One of the original 2 sauces produced by Grumpy’s , the Not So Bold sauce is described as a Sweet BBQ Sauce.  And usually that’s not enough to describe most sauces with their nuances and different choice of sweeteners and whether they have smoke or spice and so on…  but for this sauce, it’s almost appropriate.

My opinion is that this was a necessary product for Grumpy’s to get started that now needs to be taken to the next level or shelved.  It’s a good sauce although without the added complexity of heat, I found the strong taste of honey to be overpowering… although the honey was listed far into the ingredients (maybe saying it’s sweetened with honey would set people up to expect that flavor).  The sauce has a nice mild & sweet flavor but for a sauce like this I’d expect a little more thick so it could have a bit more stick.  Some of these natural sauces don’t cling as well as the fructose-laden stuff, and this one didn’t hold very well for me until I learned I had to shake this bottle vigorously to get all the ingredients mixing together again…  Even so, compared to the other products in the Grumpy’s line-up, this one is just kinda blah and lacking in complexity and flavor.

Look for reviews of the other Grumpy’s products this week and a giveaway on Friday.

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