Guy Fieri Kansas City Barbeque Sauce (4/5)

This sauce was true to its name.  A traditional, Kansas City Smoky and Sweet flavored BBQ sauce with a little extra black pepper, garlic, and onion.  Very smooth and mild.  I tried it on some BBQ chicken for my lunch during a Guy Fieri-sponsored Free Sauce Friday, as I watched all the comments flow in … and I pretty much liked everything about it, except that they threw in a little too much in the way of ingredients (for example do we need caramel coloring – what would it look like without this – orange, clear?) and the sauce got a bit thin when grilled.  I also prefer real onions and garlic versus powders, but that’s really a nit.  All in all, a good sauce in the Guy Fieri line-up.

leaning tower of BBQ

Great copywriting.

something fishy here?

Nutrition information – tomato puree versus tomato sauce or ketchup adds to the nice consistency and texture of the sauce seen below.  Sweetened by a combination of sugar and molasses gives it a natural flavor albeit thinner than the gloppiness that results when cooking with the HFCS sauces.  I didn’t really taste much of the anchovy puree, which tickles your salt and umami taste sensors – but figured I’d call it out for your vegetarians (maybe some of them like BBQ sauce)!

More SPECKs.  You know I love the specks, because they add dimension and excitement to what otherwise would be a fairly standard taste.  In this one, it’s mostly bits of black pepper and the pulpy part of the tomato puree.

Bottom line – this is a step up in flavor than your traditional grocery store BBQ sauce and they’ve stripped out some bad stuff.  I didn’t like the artificial color and thinness, but all in all, it’s a sauce well worth trying.  Guy’s empire is definitely not on auto-pilot – he’s doing a nice job picking people that are representing his brand well.

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  1. are your sauces gluten free?

  2. Dan lemaster says

    Absolutly the best bbq sauce ever! I use to buy jack daniels old #7,but then i got a taste of guys kansas city,and wow what can I say? It blows old #7 away.This is now the only bbq sauce on my shopping list. Have you heard of k c masterpicece? Well this is guys masterpiece! Thanks guy for my overjoyed palate. . Dan Lemaster

  3. Excellent. Tried it for the first time tonight. Loved it. Thanks!

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