How to Send BBQ Sauce to USAF Medics

I got an email that really put some things into perspective for me:

  1. There are people doing amazing things for us in other parts of the world, like medics saving our troops on the front lines.
  2. Lesser, but still important, is that BBQ Sauce can actually improve people’s lives in a small way by boostin morale and giving them a nice package to look forward to receiving and sharing with others

The email follows:

Hello BBQ Sauce Reviews,

I am a USAF military in charge of a group of young Airman who treat the wounded here in Afghanistan. We work in the main trauma center of Afghanistan near Kabul. I am requesting any of your products you review (or have a contact) to increase the morale of our unit. The food does not always taste the best and BBQ sauces would really help spice up our lives away from our families and have a taste from home in America.. Any amount would be appreciated and we could send back a photo of us if you would like. Thank you.

MSgt Ryan McNeel
Bagram Afghanistan
Flight Chief Emergency Dept.

Ryan McNeel (no rank)
Task Force Med- ER
APO, AE 09354
United States

I said Yes, please send a picture, and he added that all they get with their meals is Kraft BBQ Sauce…(Not my favorite either!!)

I’m not sure which one is Ryan, but I know these guys and gals are the real deal – saving the butts of those on the front lines.   I can’t imagine what these people see on a weekly basis…


To clarify, I am asking anyone reading this to send a care package of sauce to these folks.  The address is listed above.  Once you ship a package of sauce, leave a comment and I will post your name, company name, or logo on this post and link to your site.  Over time, I will create a front page logo-banner and keep this going through Christmas.


Mailing BBQ Sauce isn’t cheap, but it appears that mailing packages to military facility can be done with domestic rates !

Any insight people can add in the comments I will try to bring up to the blog post to make sure no questions are left unanswered.

The address must be exactly like this:

Ryan McNeel (no rank)
Task Force Med- ER
APO, AE 09354
United States

Hopefully that does it!!

A little sauce can actually go along way, I hope we get a couple pictures back with these guys surrounded by sauce!!   Wouldn’t that be cool ?!

Thanks for supporting this cause!!


November 15th:

From Ryan:  I will send more pics but the out-pouring has been excessive and hard to keep up with.  I have shared a bunch of sauce with the 300 ppl we have here to make room!

Dinosaur BBQ Sauce

Dinosaur BBQ Sauce

Dinosaur BBQ Sauce

Dinosaur BBQ Sauce


Dinosaur BBQ Sauce

Dinosaur BBQ Sauce

Thong Sauce


Sin Sauce

Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce



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  1. Jay Prince says

    Got a few more bottles to buy and then sending them out this week! Thanks Brian! Also thank you to everyone who is sending out some sauce and rub to these guys! It’s a great way to support our troops!

    Thanks again!

    Jay Prince

    • Ryan McNeel says

      ‎@Jay, thank you for you brothers sacrifice. I work with death and injuries everyday here.Bilateral and triple amputees of 18-19 year olds for example. I know your family has sacrificed as well as your brother. I know this will not hit me as much until I leave…but I wanted to say thank you.

    • Jay, I have been supporting our troops over there in Irag for a spell now and gladly sending some to the ones in Afganistan! It’s a no brainer and easy to do. God Bless them all!
      Sincerely, Rick

  2. Got a case of sauce and rub ready to roll out tomorrow. Would love to get a pic back of our sauce on a table with these guys enjoying it.
    I know I used to have my folks ship me my grandfathers bbq sauce and Sun Drop soda because it was the only thing I wanted while forward deployed in Japan to remind me of home. It’s a small thing, but when you are deployed the small things are all you can hold on to that help level out the chaos that is a part of daily life.

    I’ve been to the Persian Gulf twice and am thankful to have made it back home each time. God bless those that stand on the front lines and we all need to do more to support them.

  3. Jay Prince says

    Thanks guys!

    Shane…thank you again for your service! As a Gold Star Family it means a lot to us! My brother would be proud of everyone who is making this happen for these soldiers. I know it made a big difference when he was over in Iraq to receive packages like this! God Bless you guys and our troops!

  4. Thanks guys, anyone else please let me know here once you send some sauce…

    I will also be creating a page on the site that will show a list of names/supporters with a logo to your site or your company.

    Intentions are great, but I’d rather know after you’ve shipped sauce 🙂

  5. Grilling with Rich says

    Grilling with Rich will be going to BJ’s this week and picking up some barbecue sauce and sending it over!!

    Thanks guys for your support of the men and women of our armed forces!!

  6. Thank you everyone who retweeted and shared this on Facebook! We appreciate it and we know these soldiers do too!

    Thanks again!

    Jay Prince

  7. David from Duke’s Best BBQ Sauce – nice job – thank you.

  8. Country Chef/Mike Espey says


    Count on Country Chef in for 2 cases of sauce, I also shared on Facebook. This is a great thing to do and I am happy to be part of a great group of people that are willing to do this.

  9. Thanks so much Mike!

  10. Thanks Kim! These soldiers are going to love all the great sauce & rub they receive! Thank you all for the awesome show of support for our troops!

  11. David Edwards says
  12. Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce says

    Shipping out 10 cases of Hoosier Daddy BBBQ Sauce, Sweet & Sassy Dippers (1,160 ct) and a few cases of Hoosier Daddy Ghost Roast for those “heater” eaters! More than our pleasuse to accomodate our servicemen and woman. Please enjoy no question they certainly have earned the honor of enjoying the taste of American BBQ done right! God Bless.

  13. I got the same email form this guy as well. Plan on shipping a case or two out.
    Bill Mehilos
    Head’s Red BBQ Sauce

  14. Ryan McNeel says

    I am overwhelmed with your generosity. I will send pics as best I can. This means so much…kraft gets soooo old.

  15. Ryan!! This post is for you!

    Thanks for checking in from overseas. Hope you can find some others to share some sauce with… I think it will be coming over by the case!

    Please send some pics and let us know which one is you in the picture?


  16. Ryan McNeel says

    I am the very left in the back…tall guy, light hair in the AirForce top…..and this is only some of us…we are the main hospital in Afghanistan. This is our trauma room which has been soooo busy recently. We get every injury from Afghanistan. We also treat the enemy forces as well with the same care. I can honestlt say my group is amazing! I will share with the whole hospital and put out pics best I can.

    • thanks again for the kind words on Facebook Ryan! Thank you for all you guys do! You guys are all Heroes to us! Hope we get lots of different sauces and rubs for you guys to try. God Bless you guys!

  17. Stephen Dodd says

    Hi Brian,
    Thank you for organizing this. I am glad to help. A case of Hack’s BBQ Sauce is in the mail!

  18. We will be sending over some sauce and seasonings to them this week.

  19. David Edwards says

    Just sent out a box of hot sauce for you Ryan compliments of Bigfat’s Hot Sauce. Thank you.

  20. Rich Campana says

    A package full of Dimples BBQ Sauce went out today!!!

  21. Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce says

    Hoosier Daddy BBQ just shipped out 10 cases of Dippers and bottles of Ghost Roast!

  22. Thank you to everyone who help support such a great cause! We at BBQ Sauce Reviews really appreciate all your kindness!

    Ryan, We hope you guys enjoy all the great sauces and rubs! Send us a pic after you get it all. Stay safe over there man!


    Jay Prince

  23. Going to the post office now to ship out some sauces and rubs to you guys.. thanks for all you do

  24. Bbq Stu’s has 2 cases with all 4 varieties scheduled for pickup 11/7/11

  25. Mike Espey / Country Chef says

    I tryed to ship my sauces out today to find out that FedEx cant ship to the address becouse it dose not have a city or state. I will try USPS tomorrow.

  26. Gail Donohue says

    Thank you so much for all you do. You are doing God’s work and it is truly appreciated. Enjoy!
    My son is serving in Afghanistan now……Stay safe and stay strong.

  27. God Bless you guys and keep you safe!

  28. Todd \"Doomer\" Dooms says

    “Q” Sauce & a bonus treat of various types of candy have been mailed. Thanks for everything you’re doing and stay safe!!

  29. would love to know if my sauce made there with a pic??

  30. Hi Bill,
    The bad news is these are all the pictures I got. The good news is that Ryan McNeel – the guy who organized this while in Afgh – is back home safe and sound.

    Seriously thanks for what you (and everyone!) sent and know that you did something really good – made our soldiers and medics ready-made meals somewhat edible.

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