For this week’s review I tested out a product called the GrillGrate. The owner of the company, Brad Barrett was kind enough to send a set of three GrillGrates for my review.

The GrillGrate makes it much easier to grill over direct heat and the added protection and temperature control allows you to cook hot and fast or go slower if you want.

The GrillGrate sits on top of your existing grates. They have a hard anodized finish with raised rails that clean easily. The raised rail design helps protect against charring flare-ups that burn and dry out grilled food. The holes in the GrillGrate let fat drain through and burn up on the back of the grate and not on the food itself. GrillGrates also help eliminate hot and cold spots on your grill.

After opening the box of GrillGrates I followed the instructions on seasoning them. First, I interlocked the grates together and placed them on my Weber Gas Grill. Then I sprayed them with Pam Grilling spray and fired up the grill.

The first few times you grill on them make sure to spray them with Pam or Canola oil on the raised rails. This will become unnecessary as GrillGrates season with use. Make sure to avoid over cleaning in the beginning to allow for seasoning.

Once the grill was heated up I brought out some nice big Rib-Eye steaks. As soon as I placed them on the GrillGrates they started to sizzle. I closed the grill lid and sat down to drink a cold one. After around 6-7 minutes I grabbed the really cool Grate Tool (part fork, part spatula) to flip the steaks.

The Grate Tool is included with the GrillGrate and is really nice because it reaches below the raised rail to lift your food rather then scrape it. I flipped the steaks and was so amazed by the awesome looking grill marks that the GrillGrates produced. I closed the lid again and waited for the steaks to be done. Then after the steaks were done I grabbed my nice big Grate Tool and removed them from the grill and brought them inside to eat. My family and I were extremely impressed with how juicy the steaks turned out. The grill marks were an added plus as well.

GrillGrate Steaks

Another favorite of mine to grill is pork chops. I really like how perfectly cooked these pork chops turned out below on the GrillGrate. They had some great looking grill marks and were very juicy and delicious!

GrillGrates Pork Chops

GrillGrates Pork Chops Grilled

Final Thoughts

Overall I am super happy with how well the GrillGrates worked out. They do exactly what they are made to do and a great job at that. I could not come up with a single thing I didn’t like about them.

The GrillGrates are priced just right for the amount of coverage you get with them and the set of 3 GrillGrates worked perfectly on my gas grill.

The GrillGrates clean up really well with soap and water in the sink and you can use the Grate Tool as a cleaning tool to remove debris out of the spaces between the rails.

If you’re looking into buying something like this for your grill these are the best you will find. You also get a lot of grate coverage for the money like I mentioned above and they cost less then cast iron grates and are just as good quality wise.

I am already looking at buying a set of these for my dad for Christmas. He wanted to keep mine, but I just couldn’t part with my new GrillGrates!

You can find a great deal on the GrillGrate here.

For more information on the GrillGrate please visit them on their Facebook & Twitter pages as well as their Website.

Make sure to check back next week for another great BBQ Tools & Tech Review!

Jay Prince

BBQ Tools & Tech Reviewer @


  1. Beautiful grill marks! Sounds like an awesome product. How long have you had yours?

    • Thanks David! Brad sent them to me almost a month ago and I’m loving them! I am planning on ordering some for my other grills and a set for my father. They do such a great job and they are so easy to clean up. If you are in the market for grates like these, I would recommend them hands down! Thanks again for leaving a comment David!


  2. I can’t say enough good things about the “Grillgrate.” I sell a LOT of them. My favorite things to cook on them is chicken,fish,vegetables, heck anything cooks better with Grillgrate!

  3. Mitch T says

    I would love to know if you thought the steaks were any better as compared to just cooking them on your stock Weber grates?

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Mitch. I do think steaks have a better flavor cooking them on the GrillGrates over stock Weber grates. I feel this way because the juices from the steak drip into the valleys between the rails and they’re vaporized and those vapors penetrate the meat enhancing the flavor. I also feel that steaks cooked on the GrillGrates are juicier and more tender. Thanks again for leaving a comment!

      ~Jay Prince

      • Thanks Jay!

        I think I will purchase some of the GrillGrates and give it a shot.

        • Any time Mitch! Let me know how you like them after you get a chance to use them a few times! I think you will really like them! 🙂

          ~Jay Prince

  4. KIlem W. Jones says

    Jay: I purchased a set for my xl Green Egg and was so impressed, I ordered a set for my 6 burner Natural gas weber Summit. The new grates just arrived.

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