Today’s review is about a product for your grill called the ManGrate. Justin Jones from ManGrate was kind enough to send me a pack of two grates and a brush to do my review on.

The ManGrate is made to be set on top of your existing grill grates. ManGrates can also be placed on your grill either vertically or horizontally with the smoke rails pointing up.

One of the first things you are going to want to do before you use these for the first time is season the grates. Place the ManGrates onto your existing grates. Then apply olive oil or corn oil to the top of the grates with a basting brush. Once that is done, turn on your grill to high, close the lid and let the grates heat for 10-15 minutes. This will allow the oils to penetrate your new ManGrates.

After the ManGrates were seasoned and ready go, I brought out one of my favorite meats to grill, some nice yummy boneless chicken breasts.

As soon as I set them on the ManGrate you could hear the chicken start to sizzle. It was like music to my grilling ears! I also took notice of the grease gutters which are the flat ledges on each side of the smoke rails. These are designed to trap and retain the oils and grease from the meat you cook on them. This system aids in the natural smoking process, giving the meat a rich, barbecued taste. The rails of the ManGrate also help to reduce potential grease flare ups.

After checking that out I figured it wasn’t going to take long to cook our chicken since these grates get super-hot, but I was grilling on a really windy day and the grill kept going out. I was able to get somewhat decent grill marks on the chicken, but again I know they would have been better had the grill not gone out 3 times.

Once the chicken was done I took them off the grill and brought them inside. I knew from reading the Setup and Care Instructions that came with the ManGrates that you have to really make sure to let them cool off a while after use. Since they are cast iron they take a while to cool down.  I went ahead and used the grill brush that was included to scrape them off a little and then went back inside the house to eat. I will have to say those boneless chicken breasts were some of the juiciest I have ever eaten. I fully contribute this to the ManGrates and of course my skills on the grill, lol.

The great thing about the ManGrates is that they are designed to deliver a lifetime of grilling perfection, so remember to brush them after each use and oil them when needed. Also make sure to close the lid of your grill when not in use and store them in a dry area in the winter months if you tend to not grill during that time. This will help them to not rust during the off-season.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I have to say I am really impressed with the ManGrates. They do exactly what they are supposed to and a good job at that.

The only negative thing I can say about them as a Stay-at-home Dad with only one income is they can be expensive. My reasoning is, if you want to cover your typical sized Weber Gas Grill it’s going to cost you a good $120 plus Shipping & Handling for the 4 grates needed.

Keep in mind though that these are some very well made and heavy duty cast iron grates! So as far as cast iron grates of this great quality go they are priced just right. These will make an awesome gift for any griller that loves to show off those beautiful grill marks!

You can find a great deal on the ManGrates here.

You can find more information on the ManGrate on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well as their Website.

ManGrate logo

Make sure to check back next week for another great BBQ Tools & Tech Review!

Jay Prince

BBQ Tools & Tech Reviewer @


  1. Great review, thanks for the information and pictures.

    Do they deliver to Denmark?

  2. Jorgen,

    I am not really sure on that, but here is their contact page.

    They are really good about emailing back right away and they have great customer service too! Hope that helps you out! Glad you liked my review 🙂


    Jay Prince

  3. Nice detail on the review. I bet that would put some beautiful marks on a nice thick ribeye.

  4. Thanks Wayne! They are some pretty sweet grates! Can’t wait to try some steaks on them soon!

  5. There’s a few restaurants in California that are using them instead of the original cast iron stock grills.
    Food is coming out better, tasting and Presentation wise.
    Using Santa Maria seasoning w/mangrates is a Win Win.
    Mangrates are the BOMB!

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