Kitty’s North Carolina Barbecue and Dip Sauce (3/5)

Like Kitty’s Memphis Style Barbecue and Dip Sauce, Kitty’s North Carolina style sauce also presents itself in a very clean fashion with a great label, bottle, and label with a similar pet peeve about the width of the top spout. There’s something about a wide-open canning jar that is much easier to pour straight into a basting bowl, or if you know you are going use the whole bottle/jar- you can just use a canning jar directly.  Not a huge deal, just a preference.

Inside the bottle

The ingredients were great, and could be highlighted more, but I felt the expectations between the label and the color and consistency of this sauce were a little surprising and somewhat disappointing in the end.  I expected more of a classic Eastern North Carolina sauce, but this was clearly a Western North Carolina (mustard based with tomato) and although most people don’t really know or  care where the sauce comes from, I think the manufacturer might try to set a better expectation.

I think most people think North Carolina = vinegary type sauce whereas South Carolina is typically associated with mustard-bases.    I would call it out – Western North Carolina BBQ Sauce or even better “Carolina Red Mustard Sauce” – that way there’s no debate where it came from and you don’t surprise people with the color or flavor.

The flavor was OK…  I think mustard based sauces are very hard to get right, and this is a good attempt.   The strongest flavors were a sweet mustard and onion, and the first couple of tastes I had were pretty good, but in the end there was something about this sauce that didn’t sit well with me – the flavor and orange color and mustardy/oniony aroma…


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