Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce (1 of 5)


This is a hideous sauce.

There’s so much wrong with this sauce, it’s hard to begin. A noxious taste is still in my mouth, like a mud pie – but worse. I’d rather eat dirt than this stinky, synthetic blend of cheap ingredients. I’d rather drink oil (not car oil, more like olive oil which isn’t so bad…) 🙂

I bought it simply because I wanted to buy something really cheap to explore the most affordable options at my local supermarket, hoping to be surprised at what you can get for $1.79… and maybe combat the myth that all of these mass produced products aren’t so bad… but I was wrong.

Let’s get into it, one by one.

The Smell

It smells like a strong household cleaner or grease for some industrial machine. It smells like it could hurt you… not even a trace of real food smells here, folks.

Before Cooking Flavor

After the smell, I was hesitant to go further. But I proceeded onward, and dipped in some unsalted crackers to get the true flavor. Yup. Tasted just like it smelled, with an odd thickness and unnatural sweetness.


A very weird unnatural color… it looked like sludge!

It pours slow, so slow, you have to wonder what those chemicals will do to your stomach and insides as it passes through…

After Cooking Flavor

Still disgusting. Thank heavens I only ruined two tiny pieces of chicken for this.


Concentrated tomato juice (water, tomato paste), high fructose corn syrup, vinegar, molasses, salt, modified food starch, contains less than 2% of spice, natural flavor, paprika, mustard flour, caramel color, guar gum, red 40.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha!

  2. Also, I like the new look of the site!

  3. This site looks great and is very useful. I will not (and I repeat that “I will not”) buy BBS Sauce without consulting your website!

  4. geneva Hartley says

    I am looking for information on Kraft Light Original Reduced Calorie Barbecue Sauce. I could not fin this on the web site. Please reply how to find stores in my area, coupons etc as I am a diabetic.

    • Not sure I’ve heard of Kraft Light Original Reduced Calorie Barbecue Sauce. Nor can I find any mention of it on the web. If I were diabetic, I think I would seek out low sugar BBQ sauces. Here’s a link that might help with that.

  5. I have ALWAYS used Kraft Original Bar B Que sauce for my bar b que potatoe sandwhiches, since I was 5 yrs. old. My mom got me started on it and it was the best sandwhich this side of heaven. Since I was use to this Kraft sauce I could never eat any other kind but Kraft. The other day I bought a bottle that said “now better tasting”. When I got home I put it on my sandwhich and it was the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth. What did you do to it??? OMGosh it is awful. I am hoping the wrong label was put on this bottle and I might try it ONE MORE TIME but if it isn’t right, I will NEVER buy Kraft again. I hope you didn’t do like Coca Cola did, they messed up their original receipe and they will NEVER get it back now so therefore I don’t drink cokes anymore.
    I just wish you people would leave well enough alone and don’t mess up the good stuff, just make ANOTHER receipe and put it in another bottle and label it something else besides ORIGINAL.
    Please tell me the label was wrong on my bottle I just bought on 4/5/2009.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    • I’m with you on Kraft BBQ sauce l use it to make ribs in my crock pot l mix 3 different kinds with katchup lt. brown sugar worchister sauce and cook low and slow for 8 hours never a complaint. Never leftovers and l make 4-5 lbs. for two people. Kraft is the best.

  6. I’m not sure if you are expecting a response from me or Kraft. In your statement, you wrote:

    “I just wish you people would leave well enough alone and don’t mess up the good stuff, just make ANOTHER receipe and put it in another bottle and label it something else besides ORIGINAL.”

    Who is “you people?”

    But you do bring up a good point, changing the recipe and calling it original doesn’t make any sense, does it?

  7. Hey Beverly….. Did the new bottle you just bought have the little plastic squirk hole missing? I just recently bought a bottle and it was missing so I didn’t eat any of it thinking that someone my have tampered with it.

  8. Sorry, Brian, I THOUGHT I was talking to the Kraft website…..hehehehe. NO, it makes no sense to do what they did. I loved that sause and I sure hope that bottle I got was a mistake, and Michelle, I will have to look and let you know about the hole in the bottle, I think it does have it tho. I will let you know later next time I am in the kitchen, I will look.
    Thank you both for responding. Do you think it taste terrible, nothing like the original???

  9. Ooops, sorry guys. I thought this was Kraft BBQ Sauce. It’s really Bulls Eye. The best tasting BBQ sauce that I’ve tried yet, but I’m still worried about the little squirt hole that’s missing.

  10. Ooops again. Upon further investigation, Kraft makes Bulls Eye.

  11. Stephanie says

    I hate hate hate the new “better tasting” (HAH HAH HAH) Kraft original BBQ sauce. I used the original version at least once a week. Now I have had to settle for trying to fix the new crap to make it taste like to good old stuff my family loves. I add a little A1 sauce and’s close but not the real thing. At least it isn’t the crap they sell now.

  12. I Can’t stand the new Kraft Barbacue sauces. We used to buy
    the kraft onion bits barbacue sauce by the case. Once again
    big corporations can’t leave a good thing alone.

    • I know right
      We loved the kraft bbq sauce with onion bits….why in the hell did they stop making it?? Always got so many compliments on my chicken with that sauce…I’m pissed

  13. I used to love the Hot Sauce. It was the best until they made it New and Better Tasting? Tastes like they ran out and had to scrape up the leftovers off the floor. My only regret is that I bought 2.
    Oh, and Michelle….you wouldn’t be blond by any chance?

  14. Does anyone happen to know how a person can go about ordering the Kraft barbecue sauce with onion bits. I live in Pineville, La. and I’ve been to about 25 different stores, and no one has it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Michelle says

    Hey Steve…. I used to be blonde. You should have seen how confused I was back then.

  16. Clearly someone went in with a preconceived notion about mass-produced BBQ sauces with low price points, and the biases were evident. In economics we call this the snob effect, wherein individual quantity demanded runs inverse with the amount of total consumers using the good.

  17. Sweet Baby Rays is cheap. So is Bullseye. So is Trader Joes. They received good ratings. Kraft just happens to be cheap and horrible.

    Some of the “gourmet” sauces such as Borderline received poor ratings. So I’m not sure your theory holds up Doctor!

  18. I agree with this whole review. I have had nothing but Kraft BBQ sauce since I was a child and am now 25 years old and cant find anything good enough to replace it. I have now switched to a local favorite called Chiavettas to flavor my chicken and nothing else. Bye bye BBQ sauce!

    • Christopher Sutler says

      I trued Kraft BBQ sauce on my hot dogs as an alternative to ketchup. Taste-wise, it was…OK. Just OK. But about 20 minutes later I was riding the porcelain pony white ny stomach was angry at what I had out inside it. Ketchup will have to do from now on.

  19. Has anyone heard of a Kraft Barbeque suace with onion bits?
    I haven’t seen it in years and would like to buy some. Where can I find it?

    • The best bbq sauce I ever had hands down was kraft onion bits barbeque sauce..I think they stopped making it , but why in the hell would you stop making a flavor people loved?? I haven’t found anything better in like 20 years…🙄😬😒… sucks…lol

  20. when we got a hold on the new better tasting crap we decided to go buy up all we could find of the slow simmered. i’m glad we did i even went to the kraft web site and told them about it they said they did studies and people like this crap better. i told them i wouldn’t ever buy it again unless they changed it back. i told them if they did change it back to send me an email and i would buy it i’m down to my last bottle and don’t know what i’m going to do for bbq sauce.we have tried every other kind and it all stinks. if any body finds some thing that comes close please post it. thank you in advance!

  21. Hey in case you are interested. Kraft original is tasting alot better now alot of the formulas have been changed and they are better tasting now. Also there are several new Bulls Eye flavors now and they are pretty good as well. Give them a try

  22. if kraft was going for the tast of crap it has came up with it.i used too love kraft all i would eat now i have no bbq sauce thanks for messing up a good thang the new sauce is terrible

  23. I see costs and profits are most important to Kraft and they don’t care if they sell inferior products. I looked at the label on their brown sugar barbecue sauce today and noticed that high fructose corn syrup is the first ingredient now. I looked at 2 other major brands and they had tomato paste as the first ingredient.

    That sugar paste Kraft is selling impersonating barbecue sauce is not worth the $1 it was on sale for.

  24. I’ve had the same problem. I can’t find any barbeque sauce as good as the old Kraft. I see that at Harrah’s Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa, they have barbeque ribs at the buffet that has the old Kraft on them. Delicious. The only place I can find it!

  25. I always used Kraft bbs for my pulled pork. This last time it was Terrible. Certainly nor ORIGINAL

  26. I personally think that Kraft has some very good flavors of sauce. And yes there have been some changes to the recipes and I think they are back the way they used to be. And in response to the cap for Bulls Eye it is only a cap no with no insert on the bottle and is better no tampering just alot easier to dispense. And frankly Kraft original has more of a higher quality taste now. Sorry I disagree but that is life

  27. Hey Barbara, one of your sentences didn’t make very much sense, it read as follows: “And in response to the cap for Bulls Eye it is only a cap no with no insert on the bottle and is better no tampering just alot easier to dispense.” I was talking about the plastic insert with a hole in it to make applying the sauce easier. It was missing which made me wonder if some sort of tampering had gone on, at the factory, since the product was sealed for customers. I see that bulls eye has a new lable and also a few added ingredients. I haven’t tasted it yet though.

  28. I am sorry the caps were changed some time back and now on the original base sauces the caps are the same that are on Bulls Eye. The cap that used to have the dispenser type hole is no longer used and has not been for some time. I personally like that better as far as tampering if the neckband label is not intact do not buy the bottle. The neckband label is what ensures no tampering has gone on. Really should try the Bulls Eye there are several new flavors and depending on your taste I am sure you can find one just right for you. I personally like the Texas Bulls Eye and Memphis. Some of these list brown sugar and molasses and they sure can spice up several dishes. I have used all of these since my son is an avid griller and I am not and really do prefer Kraft over some of the others listed, All I can say is give it a go and try it.

  29. learn to make your own and then you can find other things to ehine about.

  30. Hey Jeff, if I made a product I would want to hear what people think about it. That’s only good business. At least these folks took the time to help out with their opinions.

  31. I got to say I think that this sauce is a great base sauce you can use to make something great but not good by itself

  32. i love the sauce i drink it every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I just tried Kraft Original “Light” BBQ Sauce. It totally ruined a beautiful batch of country ribs. This has the most “chemical” taste I’ve ever experienced… and left an aftertaste that was very hard to get rid of. It really ruined what would have been a lovely meal. I was a very devoted fan of Kraft foods for many many years. Now their cheese tastes like chemicals… mac and cheese tastes like my college chemistry lab used to smell, and this BBQ sauce is at the top of the heap of their bad tasting food. What did Kraft Foods do… fire all their chef food creators and hire a bunch of chemical engineers to create artificial food? Won’t waste any more money on Kraft Products!

  34. I just bought some BBQ sauce from KRAFT. This one is just called Kraft BBQ Sauce. I wouldn’t even call it BBQ sauce. It smells and tastes like ketchup. They just don’t get it. I don’t know how someone at Kraft could have tasted this, and thought it’s a good product. I think the reason they sell any at all, is that here in Denmark, there aren’t that many to chose from, and people here don’t know how BBQ sauce is actually supposed to taste like.

    From the very few ones I can chose from here, HP BBQ Sauce is the only one that actually tastes good.

  35. I been looking for kraft onion bits BBQ sause and can’t find anyone that sells it so if you know of a sight or a place please let me no thanks

  36. What have you done to the original barbarcue sauce i use to put in on everything now i don’t like it and don’t by it anymore

  37. LOVED!!! the old kraft original Hate Hate hate the new original!!!

  38. Alicia Jolly says

    the new sauce sucks i am 41 the original reminds of great family outings from my youth!

  39. the new and improved kraft original barbeque sauce is as much of a total mistake that the new coke was.why would anyone change an American tradition? count me out as a customer if this is the best you can come up with.

  40. Pat traxler says

    The new and improved Kraft original bbq sauce is the worst thing we have tried. We used it on everything and now it is horrible. We are looking for another brand to use. We will not be using Kraft if this is all they can come up with. Why would they change a great recipe to this mess?

  41. I recently bought a bottle of the “original” Kraft BBQ sauce (during the summer of 2015), and it was (still) awful. I bought a bottle of Kroger-brand, KC style — and it was worse (sometimes private brands have their own mad scientist in the kitchen!). Seeing how Kraft is going to be a billion-dollar-jerk and not fix their product, does anyone have any links to a good, basic recipe — and we can just do the end run on these clowns? Thanks… (ps: I’d prefer a recipe without the weird stuff, like liquid smoke, etc…)

  42. Why did Kraft add that smoked Flavor. I used to use the Original years ago. I just put some on my ribs and I think they will be messed up. I can’t stand the smell. Why oh why did they do that. I could cry.

  43. I don’t like kraft original BBQ sauce since they changed it!! Go back to “original” or I will buy another brand!!! This stuff stinks, and tastes like crap!!

  44. Robert Dodson says

    Whatever Kraft did with their BBQ sauces around the mid_ 2004 ….they totally screwed up their flavor, especially my favorites, Hot & Hot Hickory Smoked BBQ sauces. They were best ever and I can still remember just how delicious they were, beat out everyone, expensive or not. The recent Hot & Spicy wasn’t even close, pathetic “attempt”. Please go back to the original recipes.

  45. What DID they do to my sauce? So many things have changed. Parlour’s strawberry ice cream…crap. They took the strawberry chunks out of it. Now it’s pink vanilla. Skittles took out their lime flavor and added green apple….crap. Now kraft original isn’t the original I remember, not even close. The new people that run these companies have no pallets. They’re ruining all of my nestalgia.

  46. Shit sauce. I used the “Original” original sauce as a partial base for my homemade BBQ sauce for years. Now the so called “Original” sauce is nothing but a damn cheap ass sugar bomb. What millennial piece of shit decided the shit they are selling now is better? I have since found a better base for my bbq sauce. I’m done with you.

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