Mad Dog Ultra Hot BBQ Sauce (4/5)



Mad Dog hits it right on virtually all notes especially with their mega Award-winning Original Sauce.   But super intense heat to the point of not being able to enjoy the meal is not my idea of a good cookout or BBQ meal.  That said, just because I don’t like the heat doesn’t mean others won’t or that I cannot review this sauce in a scientific fashion.  Just be warned – my mouth is still on fire!  To me, this variant is too strong for most humans and the pepper flavor is a bit strong as well – even if you look past the mouth burning.

Smell – 4
Taste – 3
Consistency – 5
Ingredients – 5
Label and Marketing – 5


Premium tomato paste, water, unsulphured molasses, vinegar, tamari (wheat, water, soybeans, sea salt), natural hickory liquid smoke, Bird’s Eye chili peppers, garlic, herbs, spices, and xanham gum.  No preservatives, additives, fillers. All natural.

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  1. Clyde Adams says

    I have not found anything yet that I can say that it is hot … Looking to find something that will set me on fire …

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