McCane’s Vidalia Pit Sauce (4/5)


McCane has an old recipe but a young company that is just getting the word out.  I ask BBQ vendors to fill out a form when they send me a sauce.  One of the questions is “Why did you start making sauces?”  Here’s how Stewart Sr answers:

This sauce has always been a staple in our house. Originated with my Uncle Jimmy and passed down after his passing. We continued to make his “secret” sauce. It is so different and unique from anything else you can get , that I felt it was time to turn it loose on the world. Just about every Southern family has a “Bubba”and a secret sauce. Slow smoking and BBQing is a southern way of life,when times where simpilier and more family rooted. We need to get back to more of this. Remember when Mamma would holler or ring a bell to tell you that supper was ready or just time to come home. When you taste this sauce , close your eyes and it all comes back to you. You can even see Momma standing on the porch in an apron, smiling waving you in the house. Enjoy, have fun with it !

Anyway… the sauce has a great onion flavor achieved by using 14% Vidalia sweet onions which are native to the state in which this fine BBQ Sauce was produced.  It’s got a good thickness and mouthfeel that is loaded with pepper and onion chunks.  If you like onions this one will be right up yer alley.


The smell of sweet onion mixed with tomatoey vinegar.


Good.  Most dominant flavors are onion, pepper but overall it’s not actually that sweet.  No smoke, no heat.


Great consistency and chunkitude.  Bits of onion and pepper swimming together like kids playing at the pool.


ketchup, high fructose corn syrup,  distilled vinegar, salt, onion, garlic, mustard, sugar, vidalia onion, paprika, natural spices, worcestershire, molasses, cider vinegar, soy sauce, hot sauce, anchovies, soy, black pepper, cayenne pepper.


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  1. Colin Richards says

    Outstanding – Super product.

    I use this sauce now on my pulled pork and grilled chicken. I have a lot of good comments about the taste.

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