Olde Cape Cod Chipotle (1/5)



In a previous BBQ Sauce Review, I’ve tried to advise others  to avoid the Christmas Tree Shoppes when purchasing BBQ sauces.   I should take my own damn advice. I don’t even know why I bother to review this stuff. I guess it shows a nice balance of the good and the really bad.  Not everything can be a 3, 4, or a 5.

I don’t give 1 star reviews often, especially if I know the sender is a one-man operation and I’m going to do real damage to someone’s operation.  At first I thought Country Bob was a small operation until I checked his website.  Then I had no problem slamming em.  I know that goes against the promise of being 100% objective, but I guess I do have a feeling or two and this internet stuff is permanent.  To these small manufacturers, sometimes my comments are more important than the score, UNLESS we are talking about 1 or 5 star reviews.  I stand behind and defend my one and five star reviews like a pit bull holding onto human flesh.

So for this one – I went through the standard routine as I do with each sauce.  I take the smell.  I taste it cold.  Evaluate consistency. Then I cook with it.  Then I evaluate the after cooked flavor.  Then I look at the packaging and see if there’s anything that stands out to me that they might be able to change to be able to enhance sales (after all, my day job is marketing).

But taste is such an important factor it is almost counted 100 times in the weighted score, if you will.  Whether or not the company is tiny or huge, if I feel the sauce tasted so bad it could make you gag, I will provide a 1 star review.

Basically I am saying this stuff tastes so bad, it’s not even worth sticking in your mouth to prove me wrong. Even after shaking it up, the flavors were so uncomplimentary and so dissonant that I couldn’t believe someone actually stuck in a bottle.

No high fructose corn syrup but no good for your BBQ.


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  1. your review lost all credential when you compared your stance to a “pitbull holding on to human flesh.” ……which was the 11th sentence. why would you put a statement like that into a review of bbq sauce that you know thousands of viewers will skim over, but only half of which (if that) would be comfortable with? a statement so polarized that half of the readers would click the back button immediately, possibly never to return again? if you pay attention to any decent journalism or blog sites, they usually dont say things that could piss off 3/4 of its demographic (a LOT of bbq sauce lovers OWN or have a close friend or family member who OWNS a pitbull, dumbass! its fucking bbq sauce. bbq sauce=south. south=pitbulls.

  2. Omg!! Hate to sound cliche, but…. I am in search of where i can buy Olde Cape Cod Chipotle Bbq sauce. A grocery that carried it closed and none of the other stores carry it. I should preface this with we are food snobs. This is one of my most favorite tasty spicy bbq sauces!!! We also make our own but this one is my favorite store bought kind!! I dont know if u had a bad batch. Or maybe have a bone to pick with these people. If anyone out there can find it let me know where and if you do try it, let me know your opinion.

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