Owen’s BBQ Tatonka Dust (4/5)

I like this North Dakota based rub because they start out saying right away “we’re different.”   Their motto on the front is Stand Out from the Herd.  Be Original.  They use a bulls head on the logo.  And it’s from North Dakota – not exactly the BBQ business capital of the world.
So what is really different about this rub?

First of all, they go out of their way to call it Dust versus rub, and after cleaning of the remnants of the rub on a white plate after taking my rub swatch picture, I can attest to that.  It leaves behind residue very similar to what a piece of charcoal might leave.    The color of the rub is considerably different than most rubs out there with a dark grayish black color similar to what someone might find on the surface of the moon or near a volcano.
Why is that?
Let’s check the ingredients.  after Salt, Spices, they feature Charcoal Seasoning which contain Activated Charcoal.
The flavor is most salty and smoky with a little of that umami type savory flavor that you might get from a soy sauce.  They use Worcestershire powder as well as soy sauce solids which is about as close as you can get to Soy Sauce in a solid form.  This rub does contain MSG, some caramel color, and some preservatives, but this is fairly common in most rubs.
This is definitely worth a try and can be used alone (like on pork chop above) or underneath a sweeter type BBQ sauce, to enhance your cooking and deliver a nice, salty, smoky meal.

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  1. Thanks for the review Brian, we appreciate you taking the time to try it out. It is good on pork chops but a steak is where it really shines! Thanks again.

  2. This is my “go to” rub for pork, particularly thick cut, bone-in pork chops. Simply superb, my wife was leery of it initially, but after her first bite, she turned to me and said, “How much do you have of this?”

    “A small sample pouch” I replied.

    “Order more now!” was her advice. And I did.

  3. How much MSG in this product?

    • Ellie,
      I will contact the company that did our nutritional label and see if I can get you a more precise amount on the MSG. I can tell you that it is a trace amount in the overall mix. The MSG is a sub-ingredient of the charcoal seasoning so in comparison of the all the ingredients it is a rather small amount. Owens BBQ.

  4. Sounds like a recipe for CANCER! Charcoal and MSG, no thanks!

  5. It’s great on fish love it and of course everything in moderation .. It hasn’t made anyone ill that I served it to

  6. Is it Kosher by any chance? OU

  7. Sanjiv More says

    I would love a sample.

  8. Lupe Lomas says

    Tanya, this is the first time I have heard of this. Can I have a sample mailed to me?

  9. Actual Charcoal Dust ?? and MSG…… Just dont sound very appealing, I could be wrong, but ????

  10. Where can I buy this ? I would love a sample , as I am an avid smoker

  11. Darin McMaster says

    I received a free bottle when I purchased my Vortex, When I opened the bottle it SMELLED like BBQ…I have so far used it on thick boneless pork chop and chicken breasts…LOVE IT! going to have to order another bottle soon.

  12. is there still any available?

  13. Paul Kastner says

    I have purchased this rub twice. And both times the rub turned into an almost solid mass. No it does not sit outside. I sits in my air conditioned home. I believe this a a fault in the product.

  14. I never put anything but salt and pepper on my steak. I can’t believe it is totally change my mind. It gives it a great complex flavor and not overpowering. Love it

  15. Lori Bloom says

    Can this be purchased at any store around the Fargo area?

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