Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce (4/5)

I’m not sure what the owner of Papa Woody’s Luke Schuenke does for his day job (i.e. Plan A), but getting going on a business making tasty BBQ sauce and seasonings appears to be Plan B.   His company “Plan-B Sauces and Seasonings” offers up this tasty treat: original Papa Woody’s Appalachian style BBQ sauce (straight outta Wisconsin).    The flavor profile is a deep molasses sweet BBQ sauce with a healthy dose of smoky flavor and a hint of pineapple (I really liked the subtle flavor).

The Papa Woody story and name is questionable.  It’s nice to dream up a story and a history for a sauce, but it didn’t take too long to figure out you can dramatically alter the meaning of the name (right into the gutter) by changing which syllables are stressed.  (Turns out it’s the nickname for his brother – a formula which worked well for Sweet Baby Ray’s!

Standard BBQ sauce nutrition

The ingredients are good, but not great as evidenced by the use of HFCS and some preservatives.

The color and thickness and movement of the sauce is quite natural – nice and thick – but not too thick to seem filled with chemical additives.

I’d say Luke has the makings for a fine start in the BBQ sauce world, just some minor, low-cost touches and I think he could hit it big!
The marketing aspects could use a boost – the label is creative but seemed thin and wrinkled and cut off at the bottom – perhaps applied by shaky hands?
Lastly, the sauce is invisible on the web.  I can’t find any results on Google for Papa Woody’s or Plan B Sauces and Seasonings, or any combination of the above.
Make sure you put up a website and maybe even a blog and start getting your self out there.

Ordering Information:
Contact Luke at

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  1. Hey Brian! Listening to the podcast you worked up with the Hot Sauce Weekly folks. Good stuff!

  2. Hey thanks Kevin! It was really fun!

  3. The home made look has an eclectic appeal. I’d like to try the sauce.

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