Pascua’s Spicy BBQ Sauce

This intriguing little 9.7 oz bottle sporting the massive stone heads (moai) of Easter Island definitely stood out from the crowd.  The word “pascua” means Easter and in Spanish, Easter Island would be Isla de Pascua.  You would think after 6 years of Spanish I would have learned that… nope.  The things you learn by writing about BBQ sauce…

Anyway, this sauce is nice as evidenced by how fast I got through the small batch shipped to me.  It’s like a standard KC style BBQ sauce but with a little kick and a bold, smoky, rich flavor powered by the use of molasses and various spices.  On the heat scale it’s in the medium range – enough to heat up the mouth but not overwhelming. The packaging is fun and makes you think you are tasting some extract from Easter Island but apparently it’s from a company in Lompoc California who might not even exist anymore.  I did manage to find a link to an abandoned Facebook page but there’s no one home anymore.  Too bad, I liked the concept and the flavor of this one.

I didn’t bother to put the long form review together because there’s no point, seeing it’s not available anywhere.

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  1. Fred Pascua says

    Thank you for the great review. Pascua’s BBQ Sauce and Seasoning are still available. Website is under construction. To order or leave a comment I can be contacted at the following or 805-588-4403.

  2. Fred Pascua says

    For those who have been patiently waiting for Pascua’s BBQ Sauce and Seasoning. The waiting is over. Products are available for purchase via internet ( or for local purchase.

  3. Good stuff Fred. Let’s do a giveaway!

  4. I just bought some off Ebay.

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