Pigchaser Pineapple Mango BBQ Sauce (4/5)

I’ve had some great conversations with BBQ sauce folks over the years I’ve been running the site.  My two calls with Ron were the most interesting and one of them was what inspired me to keep going strong…

The first call was the inspirational one to let me know to hold the presses on reviewing a sauce he had already sent.  He said he was replacing the high fructose corn syrup containing ketchup with another variant that was high fructose corn syrup free.   He was also upset at someone who had misled him into thinking it was going to be extremely expensive, when in fact the price of natural sugar-based ketchup is not very far off from regular ketchup.  In the end, it’s pennies.   He noticed I called out sauce vendors who put high fructose corn syrup in their sauce, and his next version of his Original BBQ Sauce won’t have it.  That day, I realized I had actually done something halfway decent with this site.  Over time, I realized that I’ve inspired more than a couple folks to switch from high fructose sweeteners (not 100% to blame for fattening America, but we know it’s not good for us) to natural products like sugar.  Also I believe my popular gluten-free BBQ sauce list has turned on a few vendors to the profits t be made serving healthy food…

The second call from Ron was placed to me after this first call and after he noticed I gave 5 stars to a sauce with high fructose corn syrup in it.  He noticed I had always called it out before, so why was this one any different?  All I could answer was, “dude, I just thought this particular sauce tasted really really good… my tastes aren’t going to be like everybody else’s tastes, but I figure if a couple of people do like my taste’s and relate to my reviews, then they might identify some good sauces they’d want to buy…”

The balance between the ingredients and the taste of something – always tough balancing that… and thanks for pointing this out Ron!

Anyway – this sauce is good, almost great – a sweet thick BBQ sauce with enough Pineapple and Mango to add some fun.  There are chunks of real pineapple and mango floating around in the bottle and the consistency is also excellent and thickens up nicely when grilled. There are no offensive ingredients in the bottle but it lacked complexity (I would have liked a little heat in here) and the label is kinda lame – but a good joke like the cows in the chick-filet commercials … but if this is on the store shelves, it’s not sure this label is selling me to pick it up.

Here’s what Ron told me about the Pineapple Mango:

You have a bottle of Pineapple/mango.  This is hfcs & gluten-free as well as low sodium & all natural.  Try it on shrimp, fish, pork, as a marinade, turkey or ham glaze, in yams, on salads, wraps, chicken, and get this…PB&J sandwiches.  Yep, my son tried it & he likes it.  He brings these sandwiches to his after school program for the other kids.  I’m even selling it to bakeries for their cupcakes, white & yellow cake.  They’re using it in their butter cream frosting too… > Check out Pigchaser.com!

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  1. Curtis Maybin says:

    I make my own mango barbecue sauce and never thought of leaving some chunks in the jar. I also use natural straight off the hive home from a farmers market. A little more expensive but worth the lip smack-in flavor. the sauce works great on most meats i cook on my ceramic grill


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