Piper’s Pit Buffalo Ranch Sauce (4/5)

When I opened up the package and saw a bright orange color instead of BBQ sauce brown, I thought to myself, “what is unclear about the name BBQ Sauce Reviews?”   Why should I consider reviewing a sauce that is clearly NOT a BBQ Sauce?  Why lose my focus, when my true love is BBQ sauce?

Answer: Because buffalo wings are awesome and this sauce turned out to be a winner.

I love the sauce that makes buffalo wings and Ben Piper sent me his “Piper’s Pit Buffalo Ranch sauce” – a really great tasting sauce – awhile back.  I’ve had this sauce for awhile now; playing with it in the kitchen and on the grill.  It’s a real winner on most types of poultry, but I also made a mean buffalo burger with it. It’s got this buttery/hot pepperry, ranch-like tang and the perfect thickness and well, it’s just about the best bottled buffalo sauce flavor I’ve had.  It’s almost like you took hot sauce and the blue cheese and merged them into one product.


Nice – buffalo wing sauce and a creamy cheesiness wrapped into one.


Very flavorful and rich, just enough heat to warm up the mouth.  After several bites of your food, your lips begin to get that tingly sensation caused by the capsaicin – the heat in the hot pepper. Just think of any buffalo wings you’ve had – traditional style, medium heat – and then add a little dollop of blue cheese dressing… now you got it.


Thick and rich, very smooth and even flow with enough body to hold onto the chicken (or beef/pork).


Sauce Score

I am not a buffalo wing sauce expert but this tasted good enough to me to warrant a solid 4.  I can imagine there’s buffalo wing sauces out there waiting to show me their stuff and I bet there’s plenty of surprises out there, but this is one of the better ones I’ve tried.  I like that they combine the traditional hot wing sauce with the creaminess of the blue cheese or ranch dressing.


Piper’s Pit store

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  1. I put Piper’s Pit Buffalo Ranch on anything & everything!!! Best there is out there!!!

  2. I use Piper’s Pit sauce with every meal on everything!!! YUMMY!!!!

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