Rasta Joe’s Sweet BBQ Sauce (3/5)



This is my 3 yr old daughter’s favorite sauce.  I pointed to the 15 sauces on the fridge shelf and asked her which sauce she liked best. She said, “the one with the piggy.”   My response to her was a simple, “you’re so silly.” But the more factual response is that it’s a sauce right on the edge of being a winner (perfect consistency and packaging), but it’s not quite there. The major drawback on this sauce was an ingredient that just didn’t play nice with the others. And since taste is the most heavily weighted factor on these reviews, it pulled the scores down considerably.  I couldn’t place it at first – having never tasted anything like it – but upon inspection of the ingredients I think it’s the rum. Although Jamaican Rum and a picture of a Rastafarian Pig hangin out on a rock is almost what defines Rasta Joe’s, personally I would lose the rum (or put just barely enough to make the ingredients list) and keep the marketing concept. Sorry Joe.

Smell 4
Taste 2
Consistency 5
Ingredients 3
Label and marketing 4

website: http://www.rastajoe.com/oursauce.html

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  1. sadly you are not the first to review this sauce in such a light. it is the adopted child of the original rasta joes bbq sauce ‘mild.’ an outstanding well rounded sauce with spices and depth to cover the palate. “wild ‘n’ spicy” is the second coming of the sauce; increase the heat and balance for a kick. sweet deseased in the other direction.

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