Results of my 2011 BBQ Survey

I sent out a survey to about 600 people and got back about 300 replies.

My methods were completely unscientific and the questions were:

  1. What is your favorite bottled BBQ sauce?
  2. What best describes your interest in BBQ sauce?
  3. What state are you from?
  4. What grill make/model do you use?
  5. What cooking fuel do you use most often for BBQ / grilling
  6. What is your favorite brand charcoal briquette

Here are some of the answers:

1. Favorite BBQ Sauce:

Well this one was spammed pretty bad.  What I need to do is post a poll on this site for a second round elimination.   Coming up soon.

Contestants in the running would be:   BBQ Stu’s, Bone Suckin Sauce, Crazy Uncle Jester’s (Brush Fire BBQ), Demon Pig, Meat Mitch Whomp Sauce, Outta the Park Sauce, Sweet Baby Rays, and Blues Hog.

2. What is your interest in BBQ Sauce?

  • 87% are sauce lovers and marked “I eat it”
  • 10% are smart vendors, keeping an eye on the competition
  • and the remaining are primarily sauce sellers with stores that stock BBQ sauce

3. What state are you from?

Top 5 are California, Texas, New York, North Carolina, Florida

4. What grill make/model do you use?

Tons of Weber (inspired the Weber giveaway), also some Traegers, Tuckers, Green Eggs, Brinkmann, Charbroil, and one George Foreman !

My favorite’s would have to be “55 Gallon Barrel Grill” or “I have no clue..the kind that cooks the steak.”

5. What cooking fuel do you use most often for BBQ / grillin

  • 36% Charcoal
  • 16% Wood
  • 48% Gas

6.  What is your favorite brand charcoal briquette?

Lots of choices here but Kingsford really was a mile ahead of the nearest competitor.

My favorite responses here included “Only use Hickory – bought 10tons” or “my wife is the cook i consume”

Fun stuff… will do it again sometime soon.

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  1. Fun survey. Would have liked to have gotten this one. Cool to see that Tucker Cooker made the list for cookers. They are a small upstart that is starting to make a decent ripple in the lake o bbq.

  2. I know of one sauce that has won more national and international barbecue sauce awards than any other sauce on the commercial market. Winning Best Sauce on the Planet, Best Baste on the Planet, People’s Choice Award at the American Royal & Great American Sauce Contests in Kansas City multiple times. What does a sauce maker have to do to rank on this website? Just curious!
    Bill Arnold
    Blues Hog Barbecue Co. LLC

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