Review: Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub

When you name your product “Perfect Pork Rub”, you’re staking a lot on how well it works!  Today’s rub review comes to us from Long Beach, CA – Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub.

The Story

Bigmista’s Barbecue is the joint effort of Neil “Bigmista” Strawder and his wife Phyllis.  It started in 2006 as a means to make money to enter BBQ competitions.  Two years later, the couple made their business official through vending at farmers’ markets on weekends.  The business succeeded faster than expected, and Neil was able to resign from his position in February of 2009 to devote his time to BBQ.

Through hard work and dedication, Bigmista’s Barbecue has garnered recognition in the BBQ industry.  Appearances on season 2 of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters as well as The Ultimate BBQ Showdown on CBS have made Neil and Phyllis well known in the BBQ industry.  The success has allowed the couple to get into the BBQ rub market.  He has since followed up his Perfect Pork Rub with his Bitchin’ Beef Rub and Chicken Scratch Rub.

The Rub

The rub is sold in 14 oz. resealable bags (the sample I was sent was in a shaker bottle).  The label on the bag is very utilitarian – not a lot of frills or fuss.

The ingredient list is a simple one — salt, sugar, garlic, black pepper, and spices.   As you can see in the close-up, there are lots of different spices going on here.  The granules are fairly homogeneous.

This rub has a very unique flavor profile.  There is a salt/sugar combination going on here.  What distinguishes this rub from others out on the market is a slight cinnamon flavor profile.  The cinnamon comes in to play as an accent note, complementing the other flavors going on.

The Results

I used this rub in a couple of different scenarios.  The first was on some pork chops my wife picked up for dinner.  I seasoned the chops about 30 minutes before firing up the Weber kettle (set up with a two-zone fire and a foil pouch of wine-infused oak wood chips).  The chops got a very light coat of vegetable oil and another dusting of the Perfect Pork Rub just prior to going on the grill.

The chops were cooked over direct heat for 5 minutes per side (using a grill press), then moved to indirect heat.  Two of the chops were sauced with Cajun Sweet Pecan Garlic BBQ Sauce from Daigle Family Co., while the remaining chop was not sauced.  The chops came off the grill after registering an internal temperature in the 150 degree range.

The sugars in the rub allowed for a good caramelization on the meat.   The saltiness of the rub tones down when cooked into the meat, and I was able to pick up the hint of cinnamon again on the unsauced chop.  The rub also worked really well with the sauce, neither one overpowering the other.

In addition to pork chops, I also used the Perfect Pork Rub on a pork butt (you can see the original blog post here).  Rather than tell about the experience, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub is available for purchase at $11.00 for a 14-oz bag.  I would definitely consider it a good investment!




Wayne Brown

Big Wayner is the BBQ rub and seasoning reviewer for BBQ Sauce Reviews, and he moonlights as the mad genius behind Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog. He is a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge and enjoys talking all things BBQ! Come check him out at


  1. Dude, that picture of the caramelized and sauced pork chop looked so good!! The description of the cinnamon flavor definitely makes me want to try it!

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