Grilla Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill

For this week’s review I was shipped the Grilla Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill from Mark Graham at Fahrenheit Technologies Inc.

The Grilla Smoker-Grill is a wood pellet smoker-grill that is perfect for beginners or someone who is familiar with using wood pellet smoker-grills.

First off, I want to touch on some of the great exterior features I liked about the Grilla. The swing lid was something that I noticed right away when I was looking it over. I have owned other smokers in the past that had heavy lids and it was always a pain to find a place to set the lid or trying to hold the lid and tend to the meat at the same time. The awesome thing about the swing lid is that you can open it with one hand and it can also be left partially open as necessary, without losing all your heat. I was also able to run two probe wires from my dual channel thermometer and still have the lid all the way closed.

Another great feature that I liked, was the round shape of the Grilla which eliminates hot and cold corners. The round shape also makes for a smaller foot print, which is nice for those that have limited space, but also want all the great features of a pellet smoker-grill that doesn’t take up your whole patio. The Grilla’s ergonomic design and sturdy 5 inch rubber wheels made for some smooth balanced movement around my patio.

The Grilla is made of 18 gauge steel that has a long lasting powder coated finish. It has stainless steel side trays which are very easy to clean and give you a good amount of space to set plates on. There are also hooks underneath to hang your grilling utensils.

The viewing glass is really cool at night because the Grilla logo glows in the light of the flames.

As I was looking at the interior features of the grill I was very happy to see that the pellet hopper was nice and big and could hold up to 20 lbs of wood pellets. There is also a fuel change out panel on the back that allows you to switch wood pellets easily for different flavor profiles. Fahrenheit Technologies does not require you to use a certain brand of pellets in the Grilla like another big name company that voids your warranty if you don’t use their brand of pellets.

The Grilla has a fully enclosed fan and auger motor with a maintenance panel in the rear that allows for easy access to both. It also has a fire pot and igniter which can be easily removed for quick cleaning.

I talk about all these great features mentioned above and many more in the demo video below of my pork butt smoke on the Grilla.

I also grilled Rib-Eye steaks well done per my wife’s request. 😉

Here is some more Grilla goodness!

Final Thoughts

I sit here thinking about all the great features that the Grilla has to offer and really feel blessed with such a big opportunity to do this review on such a great smoker-grill.

The Grilla, just like other pellet smoker-grills, is a leave it and pretty much forget it style of cooking. This is something that’s great for me as a stay-at-home dad because I always have a million other things going on at once. I can fill the hopper with 20 lbs of pellets and fire up the Grilla and know its going to stay at the temperature I set it at on the digital control panel. With it’s 488 square inches of cooking surface and its removable upper grill grate there is plenty of room to smoke whole chickens, turkeys and roasts or to grill steaks, burgers and hot dogs for your family and friends.

I can only come up with a few things that could be considered a negative issue to some people about the Grilla. These are also things you will find on all pellet smokers. The first is the cost of the wood pellets. It will cost me around $40 for 40 lbs of BBQr’s Delight wood pellets compared to around $27 for 45 lbs of charcoal. I can tell you I do think the pellets are worth the extra money because I felt they added a lot more flavor to everything I cooked. The second and final thing is you have to plug the Grilla in to an outside electrical outlet for it to run. I have an outlet outside so that really isn’t a big issue to me, but could be to someone who doesn’t have access to one.

If you are in the market for an American Made wood pellet smoker-grill I highly recommend checking into the Grilla Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill! It has all the wonderful features that people look for….Plus more!

You can purchase the Grilla Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill at this link here. You can also visit them on their Facebook & Twitter pages as well as their Website.

Make sure to check back next week for another BBQ Tools & Tech Review!


Jay Prince


BBQ Tools & Tech Reviewer @


  1. Great review!
    I’d never heard of a wood pellet smoker until this. The auger seems awesome because it feeds pellets as they are needed.
    Good stuff man!

  2. Wood pellet smokers rock!

  3. Thanks you guys! It was a blast doing a review on the new Grilla…It is such an awesome Smoker-Grill!

  4. I contacted them today. I want one for my apartment!

    • Thanks Sean! As you can see in my video, the Grilla is great for people with smaller decks & patios. Plus since some apartment complexes don’t let you have gas and charcoal grills this is the perfect way to go since it has an internal flame. Best part of all…it’s American Made!!!

  5. Agreed – it would be ideal for a patio or smaller deck.
    Just ate another helping of that pork butt you smoked for the review…good lord it’s delicious.

  6. Todd \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ says

    Great review man! I still have yet to get a smoker (just been doing indirect on the gas or charcoal grills) but I really want one. This one sounds like it has everything!

  7. Nice review Jay. Looks like a good product for space challenged people who want to step up from gas grilling. Farenheit Technologies could probably sell a scaled up version of this pellet smoker for larger spaces as well. I also think competitors who don’t have the budget to invest in the larger, more popular (and expensive) smokers on the market would find it appealing, particularly in a larger size.

    • Thanks so much Kit! I am really happy with how well the Grilla worked. For someone like myself that doesn’t have a lot of room on my patio it’s the perfect product. From talking with Mark Graham at Fahrenheit Technologies, they seem to be targeting this for your backyard griller that wants a smoker-grill that can do it all, but not take up a bunch of room. I also think you are right that this would be great for competitors who don’t have the budget to invest in the larger more expensive smokers.

      It was great meeting you at The Jack by the way! Have a great Thanksgiving!

      Thanks again!


  8. Id also like to note this review, video included, was great. Also the customer service at Fahrenheit Technologies seems to be quite professional and quick.

    Christmas present to myself? I think so.

    • Thanks Sean! Fahrenheit Technologies has some great people working for them! Every time I have called in they have been very friendly and have answered any questions I have had on the new Grilla. The fact that the Grilla is American Made is a big plus for me! That means they are keeping jobs here at home and not having their products made in China like another big named pellet smoker company. Have a great Thanksgiving Sean!

      • I definitely do like the made in America aspect myself. Im 4th generation of my family to serve the country so I prefer to buy things made here! 🙂 Oh I’m definitely buying one, I just have figure out how to justify buying yet another cooking device to the wife.

        • Tell your wife that owning this smoker-grill will give you more time to spend together because it’s a set it and leave it kind of product. Plus it will help keep jobs here in the US by buying one 🙂 I really love how simple the Grilla is to use! My wife said that was the best Pork Butt she has ever had and we eat at a lot of BBQ places! If you want to know more details on the Grilla, be sure to call into them and ask for Mark. He knows everything about the Grilla since he help build it.

  9. This was a great review! I enjoyed the photography. Does the unit already come assembled, or was some assembly required?

  10. Great review Jay. I especially like the photos. This smoker/grill definitely has me interested – and that means a lot coming from me as I have a relatively new pellet smoker/grill that I absolutely love!

    • Thanks a lot Neil! Glad you liked it man. Fahrenheit Technologies has already got calls and emails from people who read my review, so I am really happy about that. It’s a really great smoker-grill and I can’t wait to smoke some ribs on it soon! Thanks again Neil and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Great review Jay !

  12. Paula Prince says

    The pork butt was AWESOMELY DELICIOUS! Great review of the Grilla, so glad it is part of our grill family now!

  13. That smoker is sweet! Nice review!

  14. That’s a pretty neat looking grill/smoker. Never heard of that one before. Thanks for reviewing it.

  15. Somebody needs to do some competition cookin’ on one of these units. They definitely have potential. I’m thinking they could make a good competition load out if you put three or four of these on a trailer. In fact four of them would fit very, very easily into the back of our toy hauler trailer. Hmmm….
    I’m going to call them today and see what they say. I had thought about switching to all Big Green Eggs for our smaller footprint comp team idea we are toying with for the upcoming season, but if several of these could be had for the same or similar pricing it might be worth taking a shot.

  16. I had not heard of this pellet cooker before now but it has kick butt styling, looks like high quality, and sounds like a serious competitor in the multipurpose cooker field. Love that glow-go!

  17. Thanks guys! I am glad you guys liked my review. You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  18. This smoker looks awesome. Never heard of it until you made mention of it. If I ever get a pellet smoker I think this is the one for me. Loved the video. I had to work today (Thanksgiving) and the video helped pass some of the time. Thanks Jay.

  19. Thanks Kevin! Glad you liked my review. It’s an amazing smoker-grill! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  20. Thom Emery says

    Nice review on the Grilla
    Have you cooked a Brisket on it yet?

    • Thanks Thom! Haven’t cooked a Brisket on it yet. I am thinking my next cook on it will be ribs or another pork butt. My family and I love some good pulled pork and the Grilla puts out some really tasty product! Thanks for leaving a comment. It was great chatting on the phone with you last night. Have a great weekend!


  21. Amanda Close says

    Agreed on most of these comments, especially the one about customer service. Mark is both knowledgeable and passionate about their grills! It does look like they moved their site from to since this was first written. Just thought I’d add that in for those looking for the site.

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