Maverick ET-732 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set

For this week’s review I was sent the Maverick ET-732 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set from Darren Keller at Maverick Industries, Inc.

The Maverick ET-732 is a barbecue thermometer set that comes with 2 thermometer probes. One probe monitors the food temperature and the other is an ambient temperature probe which monitors the smoker or grill temperature. Both probe wires are heat-resistant to 716 degrees.

After opening the Maverick ET-732 you will find a transmitter that has a removable wire stand. There is also a wireless receiver that allows you to monitor both probe temperatures from an impressive distance of up to 300 feet away. The wireless receiver includes a belt clip and built-in stand.

The wireless receiver beeps and flashes when the food temperature goes above the temperature you programmed before your cook or if your smoker or grill temperature goes above or below the programmed range that you have set.

The wireless receiver also has a back light for use at night and displays barbecue temperatures up to 572 degrees.

After easily syncing the wireless receiver to the transmitter I was ready to program the food and smoker temperatures into the remote receiver.

The food temperature range on the ET-732 is 32-572 degrees and the smoker or grill temperature range is 32-554 degrees.

I set the food temperature alarm to go off once the thigh of the beer can chicken reached an internal temperature of 170 degrees. I then set the smoker high alarm temperature to 300 degrees and the low alarm to 200 degrees.

Once I had everything setup on the wireless receiver and my 18.5 WSM was up to 250 degrees, I placed the beer can chicken on the smoker and inserted the food probe into the thigh of the chicken. I also attached the ambient temperature probe with its included clip to the smoker grate. I then placed the transmitter on a table next to the smoker.

The wireless receiver worked great throughout my entire house and never once lost connection from the transmitter.

When the alarm beeped that beer can chicken had reached the internal temperature of 170 degrees I removed the food probe from the chicken and brought it inside to eat.

Final Thoughts

I am really impressed with the Maverick ET-732. It was really easy to sync the wireless receiver to the transmitter and also setting all the temperatures was a breeze as well.

I really enjoyed the size of the wireless receiver. I clipped it to my belt and was able to go inside the house and work on the sides for our meal.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Maverick ET-732 was the length of the 2 probes that were included. They are both 3 ft, which made it so I had to have the transmitter sitting really close to my smoker. I did find out that you can order 6 ft replacement probes from Maverick, so that would fix the issue I had.

A couple other nice things about the ET-732 is that your meat, barbecue and timer settings are stored even if the unit is turned off. There is also a count up and count down timer. Another great thing is the food probe wire can be inserted 6 inches into the meat for those larger cuts.

If you are looking for a great quality barbecue thermometer that includes 2 probes and a wireless receiver, this is one of the best units you will find on the market today!

The Maverick ET-732 now comes in 3 new colors: Black, Silver and Copper.

You can find a great deal on the Maverick ET-732 here.

For more information on the Maverick ET-732 please visit their Facebook page as well as their Website.

Make sure to check back in 2 weeks for another great BBQ Tools & Tech Review! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jay Prince

BBQ Tools & Tech Reviewer @


  1. Nice. I’ve been looking at these. I have an older model but had a few problems. One the probs would go bad, and two the on/off switch was under the battery lid. I read this newer model has fixed both problems. So, if wifey can take a hint I might get one from Santa. LOL.

    • Yep those are both fixed! It’s definitely my go to BBQ thermometer. I love how easy it is to carry around the wireless receiver. It’s also nice on those cold days to be able to see the food temp and pit temp from inside my warm house. Thanks Greg for leaving a comment! Hope you and your wife have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Great review Jay!

    $60 seems like a steal for something like this which adds a lot of convenience to your Q’ing.

    It reminds me of the front page picture from Mad Meat Genius’s blog:

    • Thanks Brian! It really is a steal for that price…$59.99 with free shipping and it includes both probes….you will not find a better BBQ thermometer of this quality for that price and one that includes everything this one does! Loved that pic on Mad Meat Genius’s blog lol!

  3. Hey brian, I resemble that remark.(That is a Nu-temp pictured) I have gone through a lot of thermometers. I am currently using a Oregon Scientific talking remote. I have had it since last Christmas. It is a female voice and you can change the languages. I have it set to French. I have no idea what she is saying but I guess she says it is done.

    Jay, great review.

  4. Great review! This particular Maverick unit gets killer reviews from many folks, but your review here stands out w/ those awesome pics!

  5. Thanks so much Kevin! I use my ET-732 almost weekly…its an awesome product!

  6. The Maverick ET-732 is our most popular wireless thermometer that we sell. I have not tried it personally but with all the great feedback that we get from customers I am definately going to try it out.

  7. Chris, I will try it for you. Send me one and you are invited to dinner. We have pork chops on the grill and corned beef marinating.

  8. getting ready to try for the first time but cannot get the “low range BBQ” setting to work,(will not allow me to program a low range cooking temp) no problems with any other feature, wondering if im missing something, anyone have any similiar experieces?

    • Haven’t had that issue with the 2 I own. I would try to re-sync it first if you haven’t yet. You could also try removing the batteries and see if that fixes it. If either of those don’t work call into Maverick on Monday and try to troubleshoot it with them. I think you’ll really enjoy the ET-732 once you get that fixed. Thanks for leaving a comment

      ~Jay Prince

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