For this week’s review I was sent the Meatrake from Chris Johnson at Meatrake.

The Meatrake is a BBQ tool that can be used to shred through pork, chicken and other meats. The Meatrake has a polypropylene handle that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It also has orange plastic safety covers for when you store them.

The Meatrake has durable 304 stainless steel combs that shred through meat with minimal effort.

After opening the package that the Meatrake came in and seeing the 1 1/2 inch stainless steel combs, I knew I had to buy a pork butt right away to try these bad boys out.

I went to my local butcher and picked up a 5lb pork butt for my review on them. I decided I was going to cook the butt in my new Orion Cooker I reviewed last week.

Once 3 1/2 hours had passed it was time to take the pork butt off the Orion Cooker to pull. As you can see in the picture below the pork butt was very juicy and tender and some of the bark came off when I removed it from the cooker.

I was really excited to get this butt pulled and into the house to eat. I grabbed the Meatrake and it was time to pull.

As you can see in the pictures the Meatrake did a fantastic job of pulling the pork with great ease. Below is a nice close-up shot of the finished product.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed using the Meatrake and with it’s 8 1/2 inch length it kept my hands away from the hot pork butt while pulling.

Another great thing about the Meatrake is the professional grade 304 stainless steel combs which you don’t have to worry about rusting and the fact that the Meatrake is dishwasher safe, it makes for easy cleanup.

I really couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about the Meatrake. It worked exactly as advertised and did a fantastic job at that.

I would highly recommend the Meatrake!

You can find a great deal on the Meatrake here.

For more information on the Meatrake please visit their Facebook & Twitter pages as well as their Website.

Make sure to check back soon for another great BBQ Tools & Tech Review!

Jay Prince

BBQ Tools & Tech Reviewer @


  1. Great review. I have been wondering for a while how well these worked. Glad you did a review on them. I will have to put these on my wish list.

  2. Thanks Kevin! They really come in handy for pulling those nice big pork butts. Plus they sell them at a really good price and you don’t feel like you’re breaking the bank buying a set of them. Thanks for leaving a comment!


  3. Nice Job Jay,
    Another review that makes me hungry 🙂

  4. Sandy Griffin says

    I bought these and used them last night. They are as stated very handy. I am glad I bought them and they were shipped quickly which I like.

    Thanks for a great review and introduction to a new product.


  5. Nice review Jay. Just saw these guys at NBBQA conference yesterday. Held it in my hand – very nice construction, durable, and will be a great addition to my BBQ Tool arsenal!

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