Ripple Lady’s Rib Rub


This is a review for a product that is not yet available for sale – Ripple Lady’s Rib Rub.

If you have a rub you’d like reviewed, just let me know here!

This rub has a great consistency and outstanding flavor.  It’s got the sweet, the heat, and great overall flavor.


It also caramelizes nicely when cooked.    I tried it on pork chops and found myself wondering how they achieved such a nice combination of flavors.   If I had to guess, I would say it’s a combination of brown sugar, salt, paprika, and perhaps some cumin and cayenne pepper.

For many rubs, the brown sugar and salt work together in harmony to deliver a unique combination that makes your meat products more palatable and this is no exception – but the other spices were done right to deliver a great complex flavor unlike anything I’ve tried.


Ripple Lady's Ripple Rub

The next step would be to deliver a label that presents itself as what it is, and highlights the sweet heat element and gets people to try it.

Once they do, they will be coming back for more.

Way to go, Ripple Lady!

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