Royal Fireworks Grand Finale (4/5)


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This sauce (Grand Finale) is pictured at the far right with diced jalapenos, pepper seeds, and more chunks in general.

This sauce is just like the original Royal Fireworks sauce and is marketed as a Fiery Sweet Crescendo.    Tangent: I was looking for a music tie-in for the first Royal Fireworks sauce and this one has it… So let’s see what else is in there.


  • Good labeling and copywriting tells you what to expect (except the pineapple)
  • Peppers on bottle indicate some presence of heat
  • “sweet and finishes with a blast”
  • You can see the seeds of the jalapeno peppers in there
  • Delivers the expected heat and pepper flavor


  • Surprise pineapple flavor
  • A little bit thinner than the original and doesn’t cling well

Bottom Line:

It is just like the original Royal Fireworks sauce with more heat and more chunks.  Thins down a bit during grilling.  Makes a great dipping sauce!

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