Rufus Teague Blazin Hot BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is a another quality sauce from the Rufus Teague product line which comes with many of the same great qualities as their other sauces: Gluten Free, HFCS Free, no strange ingredients, has a cool flask shaped bottle, and has a cool character and backstory in Rufus.

The best way to describe it if you’ve had their sauce is that it’s like Honey Sweet with heat.   Not as interesting as the Touch O heat (which might go down as one of my top sauces in a long time).

It’s a great sauce for folks who like lots of heat and a dark rich sweet sauce.

The Blazin’ Hot is for folks who like good flavor and a piping hot BBQ Sauce.   It’s not a face melter – it’s slightly beyond tabasco sauce heat, enough to get your taste buds squirming a bit, but not to burn or get the hiccups.

Buy it for about $5 online at


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