Rufus Teague Touch O’ Heat (5/5)

Like their other sauce, Rufus Teague’s Touch O’ Heat has some excellent attributes – Gluten Free, HFCS Free, no strange ingredients, has a cool flask shaped bottle, and has a cool character and backstory in Rufus.

This sauce hits a soft spot with me.  It’s one of the kinds I love – a not-too-sweet tomato based sauce with a little bit of heat that sneaks up on you.  But don’t be fooled, this is far from your average Kraft-like flavor with hot sauce added.   It’s got a lot of complexity – like a finely aged wine.

I really like molasses-sweetened sauces, mmm… a dark, deep, rich, almost chocolatey color and flavor intermingling with Worcestershire and soy and something tangy and spectacular that packs a kick (raisin paste and orange ).    It has a little heat built-in which makes eating more fun  … every bite of a a recent set of BBQ drumsticks cooked with this stuff got hotter and hotter with every bite to the point of thinking “hmm my lips are tingly.”  It’s not too hot – even my 5 year old daughter also sampled it – she said this (not making it up) “can I have more, I love that barbecue sauce!”

The color is great – reddish brown color like a brownie with red highlights.  The taste is great – the most distinctive flavors to me are: molasses sweetened BBQ sauce, a strong, almost A1 steak sauce-style tang, and the savory/salty flavor of soy sauce.

Buy it for about $5 online at


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  1. Mmmmmh, this one looks great !

  2. I love this sauce, the only downside is that my kids love it, too, and we go through it so quickly! My son will even dip carrots in it!

  3. N Fernandez says

    I tried this BBQ sauce for the first time tonight in the whiskey maple flavor and omg I’m hooked!!!!! Love this stuff and I live it even more because its gluten free!!!!!

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