Saucekers 2017 Winners

We just had a great event here in Boston, and we got a smaller number of entries than usual but instead of splitting the judges into smaller subsections, we had everyone rate EVERY sauce.   It took a little longer, and those tastebuds were certainly put to the test, but I think we landed on some great results.

Grand Champion:  
Southern Heat (Southern Belle’s BBQ Sauce)

Tomato Mild
1. Southern Heat (Southern Belle’s)
2. Historic BBQ Original 
3. Original Belle (Southern Belle’s)

Tomato Spicy
1. Spicy Hickory Smoke (Southern Belles)
2. Saweet Heat No Joke Smoke BBQ
3. Bar-B-Que Beast Hot

1. Pineapple Twang (Southern Belles)
2. Smoked Honey Apple BBQ Jolly Trading Co
3. Ms Mango (Southern Belles)

1. Fat D’s BBQ Southern Mischief (2yrs in a row)
2. Tangy Mustard BBQ Sauce – Saucy Minx BBQ
3. Southern Charm by Fat D’s BBQ

1. Fat D’s BBQ Sweet & Sassy Southern Belle 
2. Southern Gentleman Fat D’s BBQ
3. Awesome Sauce Ronnie Wayne’s BBQ

1. Auntie Han’s Korean-Style BBQ Sauce Fumo Intl
2. Blueberry Blues Southern Belles BBQ 
3. Attitude Dipping Sauce Saucy Minx BBQ Sauces & Rubs

Complete List of Sauces Here.

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